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Career Counselling & Consulting Services

I offer professional Career Services to individuals and organisations who require career guidance, assessment or in depth research and analysis to help make positive and meaningful career changes and workforce decisions

Career Counselling

• High School Students (15+ yrs)• Youth• Graduates• Adults
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Career Consulting

• Resume Writing Services• Selection Criteria Writing• Employment Cover Letters
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Career Planning & Reports

• Career Development Report• Career Interest Foundation Report• Key Transferrable Skills• Labour Market Analysis
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Employment Assistance

• Australian Defence - PEAP
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Psychometric Profiling

For Individuals and Organisations:- • Aptitude Testing• Career Interest Testing• Counselling & Wellbeing• Learning Styles • Personality Profiling • Recruitment & Selection• Workplace Personality
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Outplacement Services

• Individual (1 on 1) sessions• Small Group sessions; or• Combination sessions
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Self Care

1 on 1 Sessions Aimed To Help You: - • Decompress And Look After You• Identify Productive Coping Strategies• Reduce Stressors In Your Life And Career• Develop, Implement and Review A Self Care Plan Designed To Complement Katherine's Book and Card Set
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Previous Clients

Discover the inspiring success stories of clients from all around Australia
who have achieved their goals with the help of Blu Ripples

From Sydney, Blue Mountains, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter region, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Mid North Coast, Kempsey, Dubbo, Southern Highlands of New South Wales (NSW) to Canberra (ACT), Northern Territory (NT), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), and Victoria (VIC), we have assisted individuals and companies from diverse backgrounds in overcoming challenges and reaching their realistic and meaningful goals. Whether in person, online, or through telephone consultations, we have provided guidance and support to help clients find their path forward.

Click the links below to learn more about our clients, to read some inspiring testimonials, or explore our range of services. Alternatively, you can click on “About” and then the “Services” tab at the top of the home page.


Discover the rich tapestry of our professional and academic background
Katherine Foster Blu Ripples Founder Professional Member CDAA Member of ACA and Published Author

Katherine Foster

Career Development Specialist, Counsellor and Author

Katherine is a nationally registered Career Development Specialist (CDAA) and Counsellor (ACA) who, as a result of confronting and transitioning through many of life’s ripples, is committed to supporting clients through similar periods.

Higher Tertiary Educators have praised her ability to apply practical experience to theoretical and innovative concepts; and her research, analysis and reporting skills whilst maintaining a humble persona.

Clients and mentors describe Katherine as an inspiring, down-to-earth, knowledgeable and empathetic facilitator who listens, connects, extends oneself, and walks beside her clients whilst they are on their career journey with her.

For Katherine’s complete profile click the link button below:-

What our clients say


I came to you seeking to explore career options and pathways and was trying to decide whether I should use my existing skills and knowledge in the same role in a different company or organisation or to change fields altogether and start a new. When I first came to see you, I was highly stressed and you calmed me down in the first Career Counselling session. Over our time together, you willingly shared knowledge with me as well as a laugh or two. I have had great outcomes so far and am interested to learn what is next in our time together.

Career Counselling Testimonial

Hi Katherine,

The Resume you created for me is more in-depth that I expected, it clearly outlines who I am and what I can do. Katherine, Thank You for getting this done so quickly for me.

Resume Writing Services Testimonial

I highly recommend Katherine (Blu Ripples) for all Career Counselling and Consulting products and services.

Katherine’s personal insights into Career Planning, Development and Transition are invaluable; her approach is professional, empathetic and compassionate – I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Career Planning, Development & Transistion


I feel that I am currently at a cross roads in my life and subsequently on a journey of self discovery; hence, I sought Blu Ripples (Katherine’s) assistance to help me along my way – professionally speaking. I believe the Career Development Report Katherine (Blu Ripples) produced was exceptional and that it exceeded my precise and extremely high expectations; both the report and verbal presentation were very professional and thorough. I truly believe I got the professional help and guidance I needed. I can definitely say without a doubt that I do not know anyone or of anyone who can do what you do to such a detailed, precise and professional standard. I am so much richer for the experience. Thank You!

Career Development Report

Katherine, you are an enlightened soul I can tell! I am so grateful for the help (Career Counselling and Career Development Report Services) you provided my adult son. I had a deep and meaningful telephone conversation with him after one of his sessions with you and because of his time with you the progress I have seen in him is remarkable I have not seen him like this in such a long time.

Together with the specialist referral you provided he is making progress (from my point of view) – thank you.

While I am in the Northern Territory, I hope one day we can meet up in person.

Career Counselling and Career Development Report

I LOVE the way my Key Transferable Skills Report is written; how you quickly and accurately summarised my experiences into skills such as System Analysis.

The Key Transferable Skills Report will be very helpful in helping me recognise the skills I have when searching for job advertisements online and when I write my Resume.

Katherine, I also love that you have broken my skills down into four key areas for example foundation and specialist skills; the report is pretty good it is more than I could ever come up with. As a result I feel more confident in applying for roles that I may have passed over previously.

Thank you

Key Transferable Skills Report

Hi Katherine,

I contacted you a week ago to purchase and review a few psychometric testing instruments for a couple of 3D Modelling candidates. After speaking with you, I felt comfortable with you and went ahead with your Psychometric Assessment Services. Katherine, you provided great service and feedback, I feel I can go through everything now and make an informed decision. I will definitely use your services again.

Thank you

Psychometric Assessment (Profiling) Testimonial

Hi Katherine,

Just like to say thank you for the training and the time spent on helping me to get ready for the next chapter in my working life….When I came to see you I felt stale and had lost my confidence after a long period working with my previous employer. I am now a Quality Assurance Manager for a Holiday and Hotel accommodation company and very much enjoying it; I am reinvigorated and confident in my new role.

You were a great help; once again thanks for your time.

Outplacement Services

I moved to Port Stephens with two young children and my husband who works in the RAAF last year. At the end of last year, I contacted you to prepare a PEAP Quotation, and after gaining clearance to proceed with the Defence Force, we scheduled an appointment to create a new Resume for me, as I am seeking to commence a new career as a Therapy Aide (my preference is Occupational or Speech Therapy).

Katherine, I actually love the work you’ve done for me, including the Key Transferable Skills Analysis Report) and the Resume is Exceptional.

Thank You

Defence Career Counselling & Consulting (PEAP)

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