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Coping Scale Instruments

Coping Scales

Helping you identify your preferred coping strategies, implement alternate options to reduce stress, foster personal growth and self-care

The Coping Scales we administer, assist Adolescents and Adults in identifying their productive and non-productive coping strategies for personal growth and self-care.

How Can Understanding My Coping Style Preferences Help Me?

By understanding your coping style preferences, you will foster self-awareness, understand how you personally cope with life’s ups and downs in terms of the behaviours you generally use and whether you consider them helpful (productive) or not (non-productive).  

In short, understanding your coping style preferences allows you to say, “Hey, is this working for me or not?” “What other strategies could I use to help me through this situation?” 

Can You Give Me a Few Practical Application Examples?

As previously discussed, a Coping Scale instrument has multiple benefits in terms of increasing your awareness of your go-to (preferred) coping strategies, which strategies you use and find helpful, what methods you use that are not productive and through the analysis of the outcome data assist in drawing your attention to alternate strategies that you could implement in place of your preferred non-productive strategies.

A few real-world examples might be:-

  • You would like to develop a Self-Care plan, to refer to when you are experiencing everyday stressors or periods of crisis
  • Your adolescent is withdrawing into their room and ignoring the family or their friends, and you want to find alternative ways to help them cope with stress
  • You are experiencing challenges at work, or maybe you have been made redundant and are not coping; and would like to find a way to help you manage
  • You (as an employer) are concerned about an employee who appears not to be coping with work, which is in turn impacting their performance, and seek to assist them

  • You or a loved one is studying for an examination, and the pressure is on, and your finding it difficult to relax before the exam
  • You are experiencing relationship difficulties; maybe harsh words have been spoken to you, and you are internalising these words repeatedly in your mind or acting out in ways that are not in keeping with your everyday behaviour.

There are many reasons you may consider undertaking a Coping Scale instrument. But remember, while a Coping Scale instrument will provide insights into productive and non-productive coping strategies, it will not address or resolve issues for which you may require additional therapy. The Coping Scale instrument aims to provide you with insights, food for thought and alternative ideas to incorporate into your life to minimise life stressors and support you through periods of stress.

What Coping Scales Instruments Do You Administer?

Blu Ripples administers and reports on two online coping scale instruments that is, the: –

  • Adolescent Coping Scales (for minors aged 12 to 18 years)
  • Coping Scales for Adults (18+ years)
How Long Does It Take To Complete The Online Coping Scales Instruments?

The completion time-frame depends on which instrument you purchase e.g. Adolescent or Adult version; our supplier notes the following time-frames:-

  • 10 to 30 Min for the Adolescent instruments
  • 5 to 15 Min for the Adult instruments
How Can I Access The Coping Scale Instruments?

Blu Ripples administers the Coping Scale instruments as either a stand-alone Psychometric Instrument; or as part of a product or service for example in a Career Counselling Session, Self-Care Session including the Development of a Self-Care Plan or as an add on to our Career Development Report or for employers we can incorporate the Coping Scale Instrument into your Outplacement Program to aid exiting employees with self-care through the transition process.

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see  ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instruments, there are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to before proceeding. 

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