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Career Interest Testing with Blu Ripples

Career Interest Testing

Helping you identify, capture and understand your career interests, apply vision and focus to achieve your career goals

Discover Your Ideal Career Path

with Blu Ripples Career Interest Testing

At Blu Ripples, we understand the importance of finding a career that aligns with your interests and abilities. That’s why we offer a range of career interest testing services designed to help you explore and identify potential career options. Our tests compare your interests and abilities to the requirements of various occupations or help identify your motivation factors based on your responses to our carefully crafted surveys.

Types of Career Interest Tests

Blu Ripples offers a variety of career interest tests to cater to different needs and preferences. Our online surveys include:

Ashland Interest Assessment

The Ashland Interest Assessment is an online survey that helps you explore your interests and how they relate to different career paths. By analysing your responses, we can provide insights into which and occupations may be a good fit for you.

Jackson Career Explorer

The Jackson Career Explorer is another online survey that assesses your career interests and provides information on potential career options that align with those interests. This test helps you gain clarity and direction in your career exploration journey.

Jackson Vocational Interest Survey

The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey is designed to assess your vocational interests and provide you with a comprehensive report on occupations that match those interests. This survey is particularly useful for individuals who are looking to make a career change or explore new opportunities.

Self-Directed Search

The Self-Directed Search is a widely recognised career interest test that helps individuals identify their interests and explore potential career paths. It provides personalised career recommendations based on your unique preferences and strengths.

In addition to our online surveys, we also offer three card sorts:

Blu Ripples Career Card Sorters

Our Blu Ripples Career Card Sorts are a hands-on tool that allows you to categorise and prioritise various career options based on your preferences and interests. This interactive activity helps you gain a deeper understanding of your career preferences.

Knowdell Career Value Card Sorts

The Knowdell Career Value Card Sorts help you identify your core values and how they relate to your career choices. By sorting and prioritising these values, you can gain clarity on what is most important to you in your professional life.

Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sorts

The Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sorts help you identify your key strengths and skills that motivate you in your work. By understanding your motivated skills, you can make informed decisions about your career path and maximise your potential for success.

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

At Blu Ripples, we adhere to ethical guidelines and considerations when administering our psychometric instruments. We prioritise confidentiality, privacy, and the responsible use of test results. Before proceeding with our career interest testing services, we recommend reviewing the ethical considerations outlined on our Psychometric Testing Services page.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our Career Interest Testing services or our Psychometric Profiling Services, we encourage you to reach out to Katherine. She will be happy to discuss your specific considerations and goals and work with you to determine the best course of action. Please give her a call to schedule a consultation.

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