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Psychometric Assessment Reviews and Testimonials

Psychometric Profiling (Testing) Testimonials

Learn what valuable psychometric outcomes clients received to make informed career, recruitment, and personal decisions
Psychometric Profiling (Testing) Testimonial Dandenong Region Victoria – Great Service and Feedback 
Psychometric Profiling Testing Dandenong Victoria

I contacted you a week ago to purchase and review a few Psychometric Testing Instruments (Aptitude Instruments) for a couple of 3D Modelling Candidates.  After speaking with you, I felt comfortable with you and went ahead with your Psychometric Assessment Services.  Katherine, you provided great service and feedback, I feel I can go through everything now and make an informed decision. I will definitely use your services again.  Thank you.

Psychometric Assessment Testimonial – Dandenong Region Victoria (Corporate Client)

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial – Newcastle NSW  MBTI & WPI Leadership Development –  Highly Recommend!
Psychometric Assessment Review Newcastle NSW

After attending the two appointments and couple of tests (MBTI and WPI Leadership Development), its like I have now got the GPS going with the address put in for me – I just need to drive.  Thank you Katherine for your professional inputs and I will be seeking further appointments very soon.  Highly recommend.

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial, Newcastle Region NSW, Audiologist

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial – Newcastle NSW  MBTI & WPI –  Very Impressed – Very Accurate!

I was very impressed with the (MBTI and WPI Leadership Development) outcomes, the described me very accurately and provided an explanation as to why I have been struggling with making a decision, also the reports outlined my strengths and areas that I need to work on particularly if I wanted to go down the route of owning my own business, be it a franchise or something I create from scratch.

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial,  Fletcher, Newcastle NSW (Audiologist)

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial – Newcastle NSW  MBTIJVIS – My Teenage Son Was “Stoked”

When my (teenage) son came home from his appointment with you today he was “Stoked” with his personality type (Myer Briggs Type Indicator) and Career Interest Survey (JVIS) outcomes.   Thank you for everything.

Psychometric Profiling (Testing) Testimonial  Ashtonfield, Maitland Region  – A Mum’s Feedback (Teenage Son)

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial  Nelson Bay, Port Stephens –  MBTI – Allowed Me To Have Clear Thoughts and Put Everything Together 
Psychometric Assessment Testimonial Nelson Bay Port Stephens NSW

Katherine discussed my my personality (MBTI) test results and it affirmed that I had made the right decision to pursue my legal studies and to pursue a career either as a Defender or Police Prosecutor – thus the process allowed me to have clear thoughts and put everything into perspective about how my career should proceed.

Psychometric Assessment Testimonial  Nelson Bay, Port Stephens NSW

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial –  Blakehurst, Sydney NSW – MBTI – Allowed Me To Have Clear Thoughts and Put Everything Together 

The personality profile was spot on; when I read it I felt like it was written just about me, I could not believe how accurate it was – there were a couple of minor things that I did not agree with but all in all it was me to a “T”.  I feel I know and understand myself a lot better as a result.

Psychometric Assessment Testimonial, Personality Testing MBTI, Blakehurst, Sydney NSW

Psychometric Profiling Testimonial –Elermore Vale Newcastle NSW –  MBTI and JVIS  – Valuable Information, Insights and A Wealth of Information
Psychometric Profiling Review Elermore Vale Newcastle NSW

MBTI Test Outcomes

Today we looked at my Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Profile and JVIS Career Interest results and I found the MBTI report to be very accurate.

Katherine, I am surprised that by answering a few questions that so much insight can be gained.  I was interested to learn the types of roles my personality type gravitate towards and those they avoid (statistically),  The process to date has give me a lot of valuable options and insights.

JVIS Career Interest Survey

The JVIS report also provided a wealth of information and identified a few positions that I had not thought of but am interesting researching more.

Psychometric Assessment Testimonial, Elermore Vale, Newcastle NSW, MBTI Testimonial and JVIS Testimonial


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