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Blu Ripples Career Counselling Client Testimonials

Career Counselling Testimonials

Discover how Blu Ripples Career Counselling Services changes clients lives and helps clients move forward in their careers.
Career Counselling – I Feel More Focused and Confident Moving Forward

The purpose of our Career Counselling session today was to drill down and find some new positions and associated pay rates.  At present, I am completing my Bachelor’s degree and am seeking to transfer into a new industry.  I don’t like psychometric testing, and the fact we could talk it through instead was great.  I liked the way you described things, in our Career Counselling session, which allowed me to focus on what I want; as a result, I feel more focused and confident moving forward.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Lorn, Maitland Region NSW

Career Counselling – Your Career Counselling Services Opened My Eyes

Katherine, I found your Career Counselling Services online; after a decade in Social Work I am considering my career options.  I know I need to feel fulfilled, and had a couple of ideas that I wanted to talk through with you.  Our Career Counselling session today opened my mind to new careers that I had never thought about and provided me with labour market insights – in short it offered food for thought.  Katherine, the session today was well worth the drive from Lake Macquarie.  Thank You.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Client, Social Worker, Speers Point, Lake Macquarie Region NSW

Career Counselling – Because Of You I Found My New Career Direction

Katherine, I found your Career Counselling Services online and contacted you because I have been in Real Estate for over a decade and I feel it is time for a change; I needed some career guidance with regards to career pathways and options.  Between our telephone conversation and our first appointment, I thought about my career options a little more and narrowed it down to a couple of areas.  At the initial session you lasered in on my background and qualifications and highlighted niche areas that I had never heard of but was extremely interested in.  Katherine, you provided insights into industries and made me consider the pros and cons of these career options.   Because of our session, I have found my career direction and I will now work on fine tuning the next steps in order to achieve my goals.  Thank you.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Lorn, Maitland Region, NSW

Career Counselling – I Chose You Due To Your Holistic Approach

Katherine, I found your Career Counselling Services on Google and loved the holistic vibe to your website and the different styles you incorporate into it for example the visual and written content to accommodate different readers. Whilst I found another Career Counselling Service online who was closer to home, I did not get the same feeling of confidence when I spoke to them and when I reviewed their online testimonials, I knew they were not for us.  What I liked about you was your website, testimonials and our discussion.  When I spoke to you, about my adults sons individual needs, you took the time to explain your process and reassure me that you look at the individual pieces of a clients background and in the Career Development Report you thoroughly go through these considerations when analysing career options.  Katherine, I am very impressed with your service and my son’s efforts in completing the online and traditional psychometric instruments. In fact, I was in awe of the depth of the process when I came to pick him up today.   The process has really opened my son’s mind and stimulated him to explore career options where before he was stuck.

Career Counselling Testimonial; A Mum’s Feedback on Adult (Son) Career Counselling Client; Toowoon Bay, Central Coast NSW 

Career Counselling – You Were Really Helpful

Thank you very much Katherine – the Career Counselling and Resources were really helpful.  Thanks for your time, help and advice! It is much appreciated.

Career Counselling Testimonial,  Adult Client, Chain Valley Bay, Central Coast NSW 

Career Counselling – You Are Very Good At What You Do – You Offer Valuable Services

Katherine, it is really important work that you do, I appreciated your time and the valuable conversation.  For me, it is very important to be discerning to whom you trust professionally (for Career Counselling).  Katherine, I found you to be very very good at what you do, you offer valuable services that I found extremely beneficial and helped me clarify what I want to do moving forward.  P.S.  I really like the fact that I found a Career Counselling professional in Port Stephens and did not have to drive into Newcastle.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Shoal Bay, Port Stephens NSW 

Career Counselling and Career Consulting – Thank You For Your Career Insights and Feedback

Katherine, I came to see you for a Career Counselling session and also for you to review (critique) my Resume and provide me with some feedback.  Truth be told, I had spoken to a lot of other professionals, listened to their feedback and done a lot of work on my Resume before I came to see you and thought it  only needed a tweak here and there; however, after the Resume Critique I realised there is a lot more work to do and I look forward to this challenged based on the information you provided me. Whilst you offered to rewrite my Resume for me, I would like to give it a go myself and then when I have completed this I would like to ask for your feedback again – if that is OK.  thank you for your detailed insights and feedback, I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Whitebridge, Newcastle NSW 

Career Counselling and Psychometric Profiling (Assessment) – I Came Away Feeling – I Got This!

I first came across Katherine and Blu Ripples about a year ago but did not take any action until a couple of months ago.  I have been for a couple of appointments with Katherine and its like the feeling – you know what, I got this!  I sort of knew the path I wanted to follow but had no clarity around the destination and or the road to it.  Attending two appointments and undertaking a couple of tests (MBTI and WPI Leadership Development), its like I have now got the GPS going with the address put in for me – I just need to drive!.  Thank You Katherine for your professional inputs and I will be seeking further appointments very soon.  Highly recommended!

Career Counselling Testimonial, Audiologist, Newcastle Region NSW 

Career Counselling and Psychometric Assessment – Our Sessions Were Very Helpful

When I first came to see you I was looking at different (career) options to consider for future but unable to select one and make a decisive move.  At our initial Career Counselling session, I stated that I had completed my Undergraduate (Bachelor) and two Masters programs and was considering: – continuing to work for my current employer, opening a franchise in my particular field or establishing and operating my own (independent) business.  At our first session we talked about my background and goals; and we discussed options including the Career Development Report vs undertaking a couple of Psychometric Tests (instruments).  We decided that it was best to proceed with the Psychometric Tests and as a result you sent me the Majors PTI (Personality Profile) and the WPI (Workplace Personality Index) Leadership Report online; I completed these and then we got together to discuss the outcomes.  I was very impressed with the outcomes, they described me very accurately and provided an explanation as to why I have been struggling with making a decision; also the reports outlined my strengths and areas that I need to work on particularly if I wanted to go down the route of owning my own business, be it a franchise or something I create from scratch.  As I said to you in our second consultation, I had my GPS but now you have given me the tools to unwrap it; not only do I know how to turn it on but also how to program it it to reach my destination.  I have found our sessions to be very helpful, I am looking forward to using your Career Counselling and Psychometric Profiling Services again in the future.  Thank you Katherine.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Fletcher, Newcastle NSW 

Career CounsellingYou Have Done Great Work

The Career Counselling Services you have provided to him (my son) with an opportunity to talk which is what he needs as much as anything else.  This (process) has shared a burden for him.  It has also helped me as I knew he was at least talking.  Please know you have done great work.  Sometimes just being there when required is enough… which was making me VERY happy.   Thanks again for everything you have done.  Your time and efforts have been well spent in my opinion.

Career Counselling Testimonial, A Mum’s Feedback, Youth – Young Adult Client, Clarence Town, Dungog  Region NSW 

Career Counselling – Thank You So Much For Your Help

Hi Katherine, Thank you so much for your help; I’m good for now and am working on furthering my application with regards to going to Canada… Will talk to you again.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Youth – Young Adult Client, Clarence Town, Dungog  Region NSW 

Career Counselling – You Listened, Challenged Me and Gave Me An Objective Perspective

After 10 years working as an Audiologist, I was seeking career guidance on how to move forward in my career.  Katherine, you listened, challenged me and gave me an objective perspective.  Because of our career discussion today, I found my answers and now I know how I want to move forward in my career.  As a result, I am looking forward to our next Career Counselling session in which I will undertake the management and personality profiling (psychometric instruments) to help identify my professional strengths and areas requiring future development.   Thank you for today.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Audiologist, Fletcher, Newcastle NSW 

Career Counselling – My Session Was Authentic, Gave Me Valid Feedback, Tangible Outcomes, And Confidence After My Redundancy

I was made redundant late last year (2018) and had my Resume professionally written by another (online) Resume Writing Service provider.  After taking 3 months off to regroup and determine how I wanted to move forward, I started applying for jobs with the Resume that was created by this provider.  I have since applied for 30 jobs and have received no replies from recruiters or employers.  I started to feel like a fraud (affected my sense of self worth).  Katherine,  I contacted you because I wanted some Career Counselling and help writing my Resume as I am seeking to take a step back from mid level management role so I can undertake my Masters Degree.  Our Career Counselling and Career Consulting session today was authentic and the feedback was valid.  With regards to my Resume, I was previously told that it should only be 1 page and with over 25 years experience I found this difficult, like you said one page does not adequately address my experience, key projects and key achievements.  Today, you gave me permission to do more than one page, you shared your knowledge (Resume Critique Services) and now I have a wealth of notes to refer to and information to work on to promote myself in my Resume.  I am very grateful to you, I feel more confident as I have tangible outcomes to work on.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Regional Manager, Thornton, Maitland Region NSW 

Career Counselling – My Psychiatrist Recommended You – I Felt We Really Connected!

My Psychiatrist reviewed your website and recommended that I come to see you for Career Counselling; as I have been struggling with my career due to professional and personal circumstances. Katherine, my goal is very simple, I want to get a stable well, well-paying job that provides me with a sense of fulfilment.  In our first session today, I felt that we really connected, and because of this, I am looking forward to our next Career Counselling Session and achieving my career goal.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Waratah West, Newcastle NSW 

Career CounsellingOh Mum She is So Nice”

Hi Katherine, I was going to call you today, I spoke to my adult son (in his early 20’s) after his session on Monday and he said “Oh Mum she is so nice”, I was so happy to hear this as he usually takes a little while to open up to people.  I would like to strike while the iron is hot and go ahead with the Career Development Report for him.

Career Counselling Testimonial, A Mum’s Feedback, Young Adult (Son) Client, Kotara, Newcastle NSW 

Career Counselling – You Listened, Thought Outside The Square and Presented Options

Katherine, I made an appointment to come and see you after a chance meeting at Bagnalls Beach.  I liked that you listened to me, thought outside the square, presented career options and pathways that I have not considered before.  You gave me food for thought.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult  Client, Corlette, Port Stephens NSW 

Career Counselling – You Willingly Shared Knowledge With Me As Well As A Laugh or Two

Kath, I came to you seeking to explore career options and pathways and was trying to decide whether I should use my existing skills and knowledge in the same role in a different company or organisation or to change fields altogether and start a new.  When I first came to see you, I was highly stressed and you calmed me down in the first Career Counselling session.  Over our time together (so far) you willingly shared knowledge with me as well as a laugh or two.  I have had great outcomes so far and am interested to learn what is next in our time together.   

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Elermore Vale, Newcastle NSW

Career Counselling As A Result Of Our Sessions With My Son, I Have Seen Remarkable Progress

Katherine, you are an enlightened soul I can tell! I am so grateful for the help (Career Counselling and Career Development Report Services) you have provided to my adult son.  I had a deep and meaningful telephone conversation with him after one of his sessions with you and because of his time with you the progress I have seen in him is remarkable I have not seen him like this in such a long time.   Together with the specialist referral you provided he is making progress (from my point of view) – thank you.   Whilst I am in the Northern Territory, I hope one day we can meet up in person.

Career Counselling Testimonial, A Dad’s Thank You Re Adult Son Client, Northern Territory (NT), Australia

Career Counselling and Career Consulting  – Amazing Support and Guidance Through The  Years!

Blu Ripples has provided me with amazing support and guidance throughout the years.  I feel very honoured to have had this wonderful journey with you.  Thank you very very much.

Career Counselling Testimonial and Career Consulting Testimonial, Long Term Adult Client (from 2004), Auburn, Sydney NSW 

Career Counselling – Katherine’s Insights Are Invaluable

Katherine’s personal insights into career planning, development and transition are invaluable; her approach is professional, empathetic and compassionate – I have no hesitate in recommending her to anyone!

Career Counselling Testimonial,  Adult Client, Clarence Town, Dungog Shire NSW  

Career Counselling and MBTI -Clear Thoughts and Perspective

Over the last year I had found myself in a real rut over what direction I wanted my career to go as I felt I needed a complete change following many years in the Construction Industry.   In the first session with Katherine, she was able to bring an objective overview, firstly highlighting my life and career goals and secondly identifying my interests, passions and strengths. In the second session, Katherine discussed my personality  type (MBTI) test results and it affirmed that I had made the right decision to p,ursue my legal studies and to pursue a career either as a Defender or Police Prosecutor – thus the process allowed me to have clear thoughts and put everything into perspective about how my career should proceed.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Nelson Bay, Port Stephens NSW 

Career CounsellingI Was Lost – Now I Have A Plan!

Hi Katherine, just following up on my recent Career Counselling sessions, I am proud to say that I have now completed all of my units in the tight time-frame; I was lost and confused before but you provided me with a plan to move forward – thank you!

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Green Hills, Maitland Region NSW 

Career Counselling– I Learned So Much Today – You  Helped Me Explore New Career Options

Katherine, after being convicted last year, I did not know what I wanted to do, as I could no longer pursue my chosen career path and study option.  Today, you helped me explore restricted occupations and industries and what career options and pathways were open to me now.

I have learned so much today and feel so much more confident in searching for and applying for jobs utilisng the Resume and Career hints, tips and techniques you shared with me today.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client Exploring Career Options after Criminal Conviction, NSW

Career Counselling I Learned So Much About Myself And Why I Struggle With Work

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you have done for me, a little overdue, but I just learned so much about myself and why I struggle with work.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Shoal Bay, Port Stephens NSW

Career Counselling And Resume  You Helped me Recognise My Own Perceived Limitations

Hi Katherine, It’s been a week since our last session and I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I took your advice and contacted TAFE about gaining RPLs (Recognised Prior Learning’s) in Human Resources. I also wanted to say that I am very impressed with the CV you produced for me; it is clearly evident that you provide a high level of professionalism and service, that you are not a bye bye birdie operation like so many others out there in the market place.  Katherine, you helped me recognise my own perceived limitations, challenged and encourage me to think outside the square and to move forward with confidence.  Thank You!

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Newcastle NSW State

Career CounsellingClarity,  Focus and Direction

Thank you for seeing my daughter this morning, the Career Counselling session helped her so much she can see more clearly now – she has focus and direction.

Career Counselling  Testimonial,,  A Mum’s Thank You – Adult (Daughter) Client); Medowie Port Stephens NSW 

Career CounsellingBack On Track  – Juggling Study, Work & Family

Katherine, the study timetable we created in our Career Coaching sessions has really helped me get back on track with my studies; it is so hard been a mum with two young boys and fitting study into my day but with the time-table I have a set plan in place and have stuck to it, thank you for helping me.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Green Hills, Maitland Region NSW

Career CounsellingI Learnt Not To Settle For Mediocrity And Make Better Choices

Career Counselling has helped me hugely in making the choices for which jobs I should apply and keep my eye out for.  You don’t have to settle for mediocrity; I found Blu Ripples rates to be very reasonable and Katherine truly goes above and beyond in her efforts to help you get where you want to be!

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Port Stephens NSW

Career Counselling – I Was Lost & Confused Before I Met Katherine…. Now I Feel Much Better

I would like to thank Katherine for her hard work and dedication in helping me find my feet.  I would like to extend my gratitude by stating Katherine is extremely professional and helpful and definitely knows how to show you the correct (career) path.  I was lost and confused before I met her and now I feel much better about the path I should be taking in my life.  Once again thank you and I will be recommending Katherine to my friends and family.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Hunter Region, NSW

Career CounsellingMy Husband Is More Confident Now

Katherine, my husband is so much more confident now, you opened his eyes and mind up to new things and encouraged him to move forward after been stuck for so long; he is so appreciative of everything you have done, as am I.

Career Counselling Testimonial, A Wife’s Thank You, Adult Client (Husband), Baulkham Hills, Sydney  NSW 

Career Counselling –  I Am Fortunate To Have Found Blu Ripples


Over eight (8) months, I have utilised the Career Counselling and Personal Counselling Services of Blu Ripples for a variety of personal and professional issues.   Katherine has guided me to essential outside resources and been there for me when situations were overwhelming, and I felt that I had no one to turn to.  I have found Katherine to be extremely reliable, helpful, insightful, supportive, professional, and accurate in her assessment of situations; stable, consistent and a source of hope.  I am so fortunate to have found Blu Ripples.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Nurse (RN), Baulkham Hills, Sydney, NSW 

Hi Katherine, it was a pleasure to meet with you on Sunday at the Career Expo and thank you for your time.  I would like to  proceed please with the Career Development Report consultation…. Thanks Katherine.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Career Counselling Testimonial, Adult Client, Reinvent Your Career Expo, Sydney NSW

Career CounsellingIt Gave Me The  Confidence To Peruse My Dreams

The whole Career Counselling process was extremely worthwhile It opened so many doors for me and gave me the opportunity to identify and explore what I wanted to do and the confidence to peruse my dreams.

Career Counselling Testimonial,  Adult Client, Port Stephens NSW 

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