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Self-Care Workbook

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Katherine Foster’s Self-Care workbook, drawing from personal experiences and professional expertise in Counselling and Career Development, is a practical guide for daily life and crises.

The warm, conversational tone presents information, activities, and resources in concise sections, complemented by an Assessment and Outcomes table for strategy effectiveness. The workbook serves as a customised resource for comfort and inspiration, with key benefits including:

1. Education: Engaging the mind through various learning techniques, discussions on therapeutic methods, and compelling article links.

2. Mental Health: Expanding self-awareness, fostering accountability, building resilience, and cultivating positive self-efficacy.

3. Resources and Tools: Assisting in developing coping strategies, creating a self-care toolkit and plan, and providing global resource links.

4. Self-Reflection: Featuring a “My Notes” section for exploring thoughts, feelings, and experiences through writing, drawing, or doodling.

5. Stress Management: Addressing stress through self-care strategies and cultivating productive coping skills.

6. Support: Offering accessible and tailored support when others are unavailable or communication devices are limited.


Your powerful, exquisite and captivating customisable go-to Self-Care Workbook contains: – 


  • 1 x   Soft-Cover Self-Care Workbook comprising of 196 pages

Filled with a range of activities, support structures and resources (Australian and Global) to help you navigate periods of stress, crises or burnout.


Pre-Release reviewers stated the Self-Care Workbook – Awareness, Action and Planning is “Beautiful”, “It’s Great”, “The Design is Wonderful”, ” Love the Layout”, and “Love the Cover, it is not overpowering and makes you want to read and engage with the workbook”, and “With your permission, I would like to show my professional contacts and friends”.

Some poignant reviews from individuals  included:-

  • “The Self-Care Workbook has the capacity to help so many people.”
  • “The Self-Care Workbook is powerful; it has a lot of love in it”
  •  “The Self-Care Workbook balances both masculine and feminine energy.”
  • “I wish I had of had the Self-Care Workbook when I was at my darkest place, it would have helped me stop sliding into and replaying my dark thoughts.”
  • “The Self-Care Workbook is for anyone at any stage in their life, whether you are at your darkest place – the bottom of the barrel or if you are just having a bad day or anywhere in between, you can pick it up and use it.  That is, you can pick up the books and cards and read them and say this is for me; it relates to me in this moment, at this very moment in time, and it gives you a little bit of a smile.
  • Adults 18+ years
  • Australian Dollars (AUD) are set by the Publisher.


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1 review for Self-Care Workbook

  1. Kate Holbert

    The workbook is very in-depth. Great to get grounded again, take a step back and think about your self-care plan

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