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Blu Ripples Career Consulting Testimonials

Career Consulting Testimonials

Learn how we listen, explore, strategise and prepare professional employment documentation (Resumes, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters) to build your confidence and assist you in securing employment opportunities
Career Consulting Services – Small Business Owner; Fantastic Mindset & Personality

Drawing on our qualifications and experiences we (Blu Ripples) tailored a Career Consulting Program, incorporating career advice and career consulting services, to suit the individual needs of this small business owner in Remedial Massage field.  Her feedback follows: –  

Hi Kate, I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into assisting me.  I have found you extremely professional and a fantastic mindset and personality to do the work you do.  Thank you for your help.

Career Consulting Testimonial – Client Small Business Owner, Remedial Massage, Adamstown Heights, Newcastle NSW

Career Consulting Services – I Trust You And Know You Deliver Quality Results

10 Years ago when we first met, I felt an instant connection with you, since then I have been working with one particular and employer and you have been in my thoughts recently.  Even after all this time, can you believe it has been that long.  Katherine, I have come back now to ask you for your help as I trust you, I know you deliver quality results and I know your a professional and will guide me for my best outcome.  Can we get together next week to discuss my current situation, I already feel so much better talking to you on the phone today – Thank You.

Career Consulting Testimonial – Long Term Client, Lidcombe-Auburn, Sydney NSW

Career Consulting Services – I Believe Everyone Should Invest In Your Services

Hi Katherine, I appreciate you being able to make time  with short notice to sit with me and uncover my most relevant skills and word my experience in a way that was appealing to the role I am applying for.  I found the whole experience to be easy, professional, and I found myself very comfortable working with you.  I have learnt some useful tips and gained some good advice which will help in my preparation for my interview. Katherine, I believe everyone should invest in your Career Consulting Services, (it would save most people a lot of time and money by winning more job interviews.  Thanks again.

Career Consulting Services Testimonial, Resume Writing Services, and Selection Criteria Writing Services Client Lake Macquarie NSW 

Selection Criteria Writing Services – So Impressed, I Could Never Have Done This Myself!

Katherine, I am so impressed I could never have done this myself and even if I could it would have taken me a very long time and it would not have been close to the document you created for me.  I am very happy with the outcome.  Thank You.

Selection Criteria Writing Services Testimonial, Rathmines, Lake Macquarie NSW

Career Consulting Services – Katherine Went Above and Beyond For Me!

What a pleasure to have Katherine work on my CV (Resume) and SC (Selection Criteria) for a job that I really want and believe I am fully suited for, a position Katherine has helped me with.  She has great insights into me as a person that she has never meet and was so generous to work with, she  went above and beyond her hours to do the best for me.  Katherine will not know what she has done for me as a proud Aboriginal women, she has understood my needs and acknowledged my culture with great RESPECT!  I felt there was an instant connect with Katherine and I hope to work with her in the future.

Resume Writing Services Testimonial and Selection Criteria Writing Services Testimonial – Client, Stockton, Newcastle NSW 

Career Consulting Services – Resume Writing Services and Portfolio – I Believe You Are Very Good At What You Do!!

Katherine, you are very thorough in your Career Consulting and Development work.  You dived deep into my background by asking lots of relevant and meaningful questions that I never would have thought about to encourage me to open up and talk about my experiences, skills, qualifications and achievements which you transferred into my Resume-Curriculum Vitae (CV).  As you know my goal for coming to see you was for you to help me create a Career Portfolio to help me attain RPL’s and professional membership status with my industry association after 38 years of working in my industry.  As a result of my consultation with you and the work you carried out for me I now recognise and appreciate my professional achievements and experiences in a way I never had before.  I feel comfortable and a confident in submitting my Resume-CV and Career Portfolio to my industry associations.   Katherine, I also liked the fact that I felt comfortable to open up to you and ask questions that you were will to share your knowledge and experiences, provided business and career guidance, recommendations and strategies to help me achieve my goals such as creating a career portfolio utilising traditional and digital (social media) methods.  In short, I believe you are very good at what you do, I liked your details, professional, down to earth and systematic approach it put me at ease straight away.

Career Consulting Testimonial and Resume Writing Services Testimonial – Client, Rutherford, Maitland – Hunter Region NSW

Career Consulting – You Really Really Really Dig Deep And Get The Results That Are Required

I have been using Katherine’s Career Consulting Services for the last 13 years.  the reason I keep coming back is that Katherine listens, understands what I want and how to make it happenKatherine gets me and knows how to put my experiences – background into context.  Every time I want to apply for a job I cringe at the process.  I hate computers and the recruitment process destroys me but Katherine makes everything a thousand times easier she knows what questions to ask to get me to open up.  She is insightful, consistent and helpful.  All I have to do is call Katherine and talk to her and she gets it done for me.  P.S.  Katherine, if anyone has any questions about your services tell them to call me, you have my number.  I am more than happy to answer any questions and let them know what you are all about and how you really really really dig deep and get the results that are required.

Long Term Career Consulting Testimonial and Resume Writing Services Testimonial – Client, Greystanes, Sydney NSW

Career Consulting Services – When You Are On A Winner You Stick With It!

Kath, in the ten (10) years or so that I have been coming to you to help me with my Resumes, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters I have only ever had 2 jobs that I applied for that I did not get an interview for (we must have applied for at least 20 to 30 positions over this time) – I am stoked – that is very good odds.

Long Term Career Consulting Testimonial (Resume, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters) Client, Emu Plains, Sydney NSW

Career Consulting Services Testimonial Sydney NSW – I Got To Final Round of Interviews

It has been a few years since we last met (probably about 8 since we first met), so much has happened and I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me i.  Previously you updated my CV and wrote a Selection Criteria for me, for Corrective ServicesI successfully got to the final round of interviews, there were 3 of us.   However, unfortunately due to a workplace incident and injury I was required to take time off from work to recuperate.   Katherine, it was because of your hard work that i got that far and now I am ready to take the next step which is why I am coming back to you to help me update my CV (Resume) again and possibly write a Selection Criteria in the next couple of weeks  when the position is advertised.  I really loved catching up with you today!

Career Consulting  Testimonial – Long Term Client, Sydney NSW 

Selection Criteria Testimonial Sydney NSW – You Always Get Results for Me!

Csreer Consulting Services Review Sydney

Katherine, You are Wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that I submitted my government application online late last night and first thing this morning the department called me to arrange an interview (before the closing date).  I am so excited and happy.  I promise I will call and let you know how I get on at the interview.   Katherine, you always get results for me that is why I keep coming back to you.  Thank You!

Selection Criteria Writing Services Testimonial – Long Term Client , Sydney NSW


Career Consulting Services Testimonial Maryong NSW – Caring, Highly Qualified, Very Professional, Honest, Generous and Patient

Career Consulting Review Maryong NSW

After three months of applying for new positions I had not had any interviews at all.  Then I decided to seek the help of a Career Consultant, it took me awhile to find someone that I really liked the voice.  I am not after the qualifications, I was looking for someone that possesses a caring voice.  I was glad when Katherine answered the  phone instantly, I know that I finally found someone.   During the consultation not only did she possess a caring voice, who is highly qualified, very professional, honest, generous and patient.  She walked with me to develop my Resume.  After the consultation, I regained my self-esteem, which unfortunately bruised for a while, and most of all I also gained a caring friend.  I am so grateful for her help, I finally had an interview and have been shortlisted.  Thank you so very much Katherine! Love and God Bless – Merly!

Career Consulting Testimonial and Resume Writing Services Testimonial Maryong, Western Sydney NSW


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