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Career Consulting Testimonials - Blu Ripples

Career Consulting Testimonials

Learn how we listen, explore, strategise and prepare professional employment documentation (Resumes, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters) to build your confidence and assist you in securing employment opportunities
Resume Writing Services – Stellar Job!! 

Katherine,  Thank you – I love it!!

It’s amazing and captures so much.

You’ve done a stellar job!!

Resume Writing Services  Client, Compliance Manager (Finance and Insurance) Lake Macquarie, NSW

Resume Writing Services – Newcastle –  Invest Your Time & Money – You’ll Thank Me!

There are plenty of people out there who offer Resume Writing Services.  However, I haven’t come across anyone like Katherine.  From the first time I spoke with Katherine, her knowledge and experience as a HR professional and Careers Counsellor became immediately apparent.  Most Resume Services are what I call “wham bam, thank you man types”, you pay your money, get a Resume, job done.  Except it isn’t.  Just as I have invested my time and money into accessing Katherine’s expertise, so she has invested her time into helping me.  Katherine invested time in getting to know ME, and then used this to help shape our approach to me re-entering the workforce, including a very much customised Resume.   I would never have been able to produce a Resume of that quality, nor come up with the strategies for re-entering the workforce.  Do yourself a favour, invest your hard earned cash into more than just a Resume.  You’ll thank me

Resume Writing Services Client, Waratah, Newcastle NSW

Resume Writing Services –  I Felt We Connected – You Were the Right Person for Me!

Katherine, as soon as I spoke to you on the telephone, about my Resume, I felt we connected; which was confirmed when I walked into your office and knew you were the right person for me I found you to be professional; you listened to me.  I don’t think I have ever spoken about myself and career so much.  You Get It!

Resume Writing Services Client, Georgetown, Newcastle Region NSW

Resume Writing ServicesThe Resume You Created For Me Is A Cracker…Bloody Beauty!

I contacted you to write my Resume after resigning from my current employer.  The Resume you created for me is a Cracker, Bloody Beauty! I loved how you kept some of the train terminology in the Resume; and balanced the Resume so that a Recruitment Consultant or HR Manager without any rail experience can interpret my   and experiences.  By the way, I showed my wife (an Investigator in a Government Department) and her boss and they were impressed with the Resume too; so at the end of the day I wanted to say thank you for everything.

Resume Writing Services Client (Freight Train Driver); Ambermain, Cessnock Region NSW

Resume Writing ServicesLooks Really Good – I Am Happy With It!

I came to you as my Resume was old and needed updating.  My wife and son had tried to help me, as computers and technology are not my thing, but I was not getting any results.   The Resume you created for my looks really good – I am happy with it.

Resume Writing Services Client (Security), Cardiff South, Newcastle NSW

Resume Writing ServicesA Brilliant Updated Resume That I Could Never Even Dream Of!

Being made redundant is a daunting process.  After working for the past eight (8) years with one organisation, I felt unprepared and unsure of what was next for my future career path.  It was through a recommendation that I found Katherine at Blu Ripples and arranged a time to meet in the hope that she could assist me with moving forward.  After an initial appointment where we had a yarn and mapped out past experiences, present skills and my professional achievements, Katherine took the reigns and created something wonderful.  Katherine, two days later, presented me with a brilliant updated Resume that I could never have even dreamed of.  Although they were all of my achievements and experiences, Katherine had presented them in a way that I would never have thought to do. I now feel more confident to move forward with the next step of my professional journey and would highly recommend her work. Thank You, Katherine!

Resume Writing Services Client (Team Leader – Community Services), Chisholm, Maitland Region NSW

Resume Writing ServicesCareer Change – Thank You!

I came to see you to update my Trucking Resume to a Work, Health and Safety ResumeKatherine, I could never have done anything like this, it is so different to my old Resume it has so many new parts to it including: – Profile, Key Transferable Skills, Key Projects and Achievements.  Thank You!

Resume Writing Services Client (Truck Driver to WHS), Waratah, Newcastle NSW

Career Consulting Services – Small Business Owner; Fantastic Mindset & Personality

Drawing on our qualifications and experiences we (Blu Ripples) tailored a Career Consulting Program, incorporating career advice and career consulting services, to suit the individual needs of this small business owner in Remedial Massage field.  Her feedback follows: –  

Hi Kate, I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into assisting me.  I have found you extremely professional and a fantastic mindset and personality to do the work you do.  Thank you for your help.

Career Consulting Client (Small Business Owner, Remedial Massage), Adamstown Heights, Newcastle NSW

Resume Writing Services – The Resume Reads So Well!!

Katherine, I came to see you after having a talk with my boss, who stated that because of the pandemic, my hours at work were likely to be reduced.  I saw you online and telephoned you as I wanted to update my Resume so I can look for alternate employment options.  The Resume you created for me read so well!!! It Flows.  Thank you.

Resume Writing Services (Client, (Production Manager – Graphic Designer), Tighes Hill, Newcastle Region, NSW1

Resume Writing Services – I Am Impressed! I Didn’t Realise I Had So Many Skills

I found you online and came to see you because my wife and I had moved up from Sydney last year with my business and things were a bit slow so I thought I would look at other employment options.  When I read the Resume, I was impressed, I didn’t realise I had so many (transferable) skillsThe Resume you created for me is very well done, and I am happy with it.  Thank You.

Resume Writing Services (Small Busienss Owner), Corlette, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services – It Clearly Outlines Who I Am And What I Can Do

The  Resume you created for me is more in-depth than I expected, it clearly outlines who I am and what I can doKatherine, Thank you for getting this done so quickly for me.

Resume Writing Services (Field Services Supervisor – Technician), Limburners Creek, Mid North Coast NSW

Katherine the Resume and Cover Letter you created for me are wonderful.  Thank you for your assistance.

Resume Writing Services (Executive Assistant to CFO), Lakeland, Lake Macquarie NSW

Career Consulting Services – I Trust You And Know You Deliver Quality Results

10 Years ago when we first met, I felt an instant connection with you, since then I have been working with one particular and employer and you have been in my thoughts recently.  Even after all this time, can you believe it has been that long.  Katherine, I have come back now to ask you for your help as I trust you, I know you deliver quality results and I know your a professional and will guide me for my best outcome.  Can we get together next week to discuss my current situation, I already feel so much better talking to you on the phone today – Thank You.

Career Consulting Client, Lidcombe-Auburn, Sydney NSW

Resume Writing Services & Cover Letter Writing – Wonderful – I Love The Whole Thing

My husband and I recently returned to Port Stephens, and I found this position that I wanted to apply for.  My husband encouraged me to have my Resume and Cover Letter professionally written because I had previously submitted some job applications for other positions with no success (no one contacted me) and thought I was not hireable.  I found Blu Ripples online. You were the first company I saw and telephoned, and after speaking with you, I made an appointment straight away.  The Results – WONDERFUL, I LOVE the whole thing (Resume and Cover Letter), it is better than anything I could have done.  The whole process made me think, and I have realised just how much I have accomplished in my career; it (career consulting process) increased my confidence.  By the way, my husband read the documents, and he is stoked for me.

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter Writing Services Client, Salamander Bay, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Service – Excellent – Looks Great – Really Happy

After arriving home from over 2 decades abroad with my family, I saw your website on Google and contacted you as I am keen to re-establish my career in the  Australian Education sector.   The Resume you created for me is excellent and looks great, we are (my husband and I) are really happy with it.  Thank You so much!

Resume Writing Services (Primary School Teacher –  Educator), Elermore Vale, Newcastle NSW

Resume Writing Services – Fantastic Outcomes – Extremely Happy

Hi Katherine, Prior to seeing you, I saw another Resume Writer in the local area and I was not happy with the outcomes, and did some research and found you on FacebookWhen I got the first draft, I thought my new Resume is Fantastic.  I was extremely happy with my new Resume and will be in touch shortly to get your assistance with the application letter process.  Katherine, I appreciate the friendship you extended through the whole process; it was a lot less painful than I expected.  I look forward to working with you again soon.

Resume Writing Services Client, Medowie, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services Happy With My Resume; My Wife Got a Job Within A Day

I came to see you a few weeks ago to have Resume prepared as my current employer is going through a period of major change and I am not sure what is going to happen to my job – so I wanted to prepare just in case.  At the time, I asked you to create a General Management Resume rather than a specific Resume tailored to a particular industry or role. I have a diverse background and wanted to capture as many opportunities as possible.  I am very happy with my Resume and recommended my wife come and see you to prepare her Resume, too – which she did the following week.   At the moment, I am still in limbo with my employer; however, within a day of my wife picking up her Resume, she secured a local pharmacy position in the public health system – which is really good for her – I am happy for her.  Thank you for touching base.

Resume Writing Services Client (Husband and Wife), Hamilton East, Newcastle Region NSW

Resume Writing Services I Got The Job – More Pay, Less Days at Work – I am Happy!

Katherine, just some feedback on my applications, I have secured a position with a company based in Newcastle – Hunter Region.  More pay and Less Days a week – which I’m pretty happy aboutI will be starting next Tuesday, so again thank you for all your help.

Resume Writing Services Client, Medowie, Port Stephens NSW 

Resume Writing Services Graduate –  Very Impressed and  Highly Satisfying!

Hi Katherine, My mum recommended that I come and see you; she found you on the Internet.  As I finished my Business Degree (Majoring in Management and Industrial Relations) last year and whilst I initially had a few nibbles with my old Resume, I have not had much luck getting anywhere and as a result, was feeling frustrated and down on myself.  The Resume you created for me, I am very impressed with and the work you put into it and the overall reading of it.  It is highly satisfying and I feel more confident in applying for Human Resource and Industrial Relations jobs in the Newcastle and Maitland region now.  Thank you.

Resume Writing Services (University Graduate) Newcastle Region NSW

Resume Writing Services – OH WOW! The Resume You Created For Me is Excellent

OH WOW, the Resume you created for me is Excellent!  I gave it to my daughter to read over the weekend, she is very smart and clued in, and she was highly impressed as was I and  said “Oh Dad is that you” – we both read the document and agreed it was me to a “T”.  It has been a long time since, I updated my Resume 15 years, I am very happy with the outcome and confident now in searching for a new job.  Thank you for your help and expertise.

Resume Writing Services Client (Construction Manager) Relocated from Sydney to Medowie, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services – Looks Great – Thank You For Your Help

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your help in preparing my Resume; it looks good.

Resume Writing Services (Property Manager), Nelson Bay, Port Stephens NSW  

Resume Writing Services – I Got To The Second Round Interview Stage!

Hi Katherine, Remember me, you created my Resume a couple of weeks ago; I just wanted to let you know that I got selected to proceed to the second stage of the recruitment process for the Bloomfield Group, I still have to wait 2 weeks to see if I will proceed further.  Thank you for your work so far

Resume Writing Services Client, Swan Bay, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services –  I Am Grateful For  Your Time and Energy

Katherine, Thank You for your work on my CV-Resume.  It is certainly now of a much higher standard than my last version!  I am very grateful for your time and energy in assisting me with this at such short notice.

Resume Writing Services Client (Principal Solicitor) Glendale, Lake Macquarie Region, NSW

Resume Writing Services My Aging Resume Was Embarassing…My New Resume is Outstanding

Hi Katherine, you re-vitalised my ageing Resume.  It’s embarrassing to compare what I had with what you have written for me, as my  Resume is now Outstanding and well worth the money I spent.  Thank you so much for your professional yet affable approach, it was refreshing.

Resume Writing Services Client (Underground Mining Geologist), Elermore Vale, Newcastle NSW 

Resume Writing Services Prompt, Friendly and Detailed-Orientated  Service – Outstanding Resume

I contacted Blu Ripples to prepare my Resume because my partner recently accepted a new position in the Northern Territory and we are relocating very soon.  Blu Ripples provided me with a very thorough consultation to achieve the best results for my career development.  The service was prompt, friendly and detail-orientated and the Resume created for me was outstanding.

Resume Writing Services (Civil Design Engineer), Thornton, Maitland NSW 

Resume Writing Services – My Resume – It’s Perfect!

Thank you for doing this in such a short notice, it is perfect.  I’ll be sure to contact you again in regards to my career path and Resume (updates).  I really appreciate your help.

Resume Writing Services Client, Charlestown, Lake Macquarie Region NSW 

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter Writing Services– I Could Never Have Achieved Anything Like This! 

Katherine, I came to see you because I had been out of the workforce for a year setting up my own business and recently realised i need to regain full-time employment to support my young family.  The position that I saw advertised with a Newcastle Not For Profit was right up my ally; However, I was not confident in applying for the role and needed help updating my Resume.  If fact, I felt I was not hireable – that I did not have much to offer but the Resume and Cover Letter you created showed me otherwise.  The 2 hour consultation was powerful and detailed.  I never realised how much time and effort goes into writing a Resume and Cover Letter.  Katherine, your guidance and Resume (Career Consulting) Services delivered results.  I could never have achieved anything like this by myself.  I feel so much more confident now! Thank You.

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter Writing Services Client (Management Resume) Medowie, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter Within A Matter Of Hours I Had A Bite and a Job Interview

Hi Katherine, I came to see you because I had been retired for 1 year and wanted to re-enter the workforce.  When I left your office today at 11.30am, I was very happy with the documents that you created.  As soon as I arrived home, I applied straight away for a position that caught my attention.  About 3.35pm this afternoon I received a bit- a good one at that! That is, I had a telephone interview for the position and better yet they did not bat an eye lid at the 6 figure salary that I requested.  Great Outcome! In a matter of hours from picking up my Resume and Cover Letter I not only had applied for a position but had a successful telephone interview.

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter Writing Services ,  (Return to Work – Retiree), Maitland, Hunter Region NSW 

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter – The Documents Are Flattering and Truly Wonderful!

Katherine, the reason that I came to you and engage your services was because your website instantly appealed to me; I felt a connection straight away and given your background I know you could help me.  I just wanted to say Thank You for the CV and Cover Letter (2-3 page letter outlining capability framework you created for the Mental Health Commissions Deputy Commissioner in Mental Health role), you have written for me; they are flattering and truly wonderful!  You have done a fabulous job!

Resume Writing Services, Cover Letter Writing Services Client, Corlette, Port Stephens NSW 

Resume Writing Services – We Have a Moet Moment, I Got The Job!! Much Joy and Blessings To You

Hi Katherine, We have a Moet moment, I got the job! You got me over the line with the Resume you created for me. I had a really productive and interesting interview and the feedback I got was that I was the right person for the job. Much joy and blessings to you!

Resume Writing Services Client, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services  Very Happy With The Outcome!

Katherine, you are damn good at what you do, I am very happy with the outcome of my Resume and have already recommended you to my friends – don’t you worry about that.  Also, I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about what you said in relation to following my career goals and have decided to go for it after our discussion.  In my books, Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services is well worth the investment!!

Resume Writing Services Client, Chisholm, Maitland Region NSW

Resume Writing Critique Services – You Have Given Me Insight, Guidelines and Confidence

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to say I learnt so much from our Resume Writing Service (Critique) telephone conversation.  The Resume critique you provided me with a lot of information to work with; in particular I learnt that I need to work on my Key Achievements as well as the layout of my Resume. The examples and insights you provided have given me a good guideline and confidence to re work these areas in my Resume.  Thank You!

Resume Writing Services (Critique), Glendale, Lake Macquarie Region NSW 

Resume Writing Services One Word – AMAZING!

WOW, my Resume-CV is AMAZING!!! So Professional.  I am very happy with the outcome.

Resume Writing Services Client, Jesmond, Newcastle NSW 

Resume Writing Services – It’s The Little Things That You Did That Took The Service Above And Beyond

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that the Resume. you created for me was Excellent.  Prior to seeing you I contacted a partner of a well-known career consulting agency.  In fact, I was surprised by the very basic nature of the document given the partners background.  You simply can not compare the professional CV – Resume you created for me to that one – its is chalk and cheese.   After 30 years in the workforce as an Industrial Relations Representative, nationally accredited Mediator and Trainer my goal in seeing you was to create a Resume – CV that would allow me to target Senior Human Resource roles and to highlight my key transferrable skills and knowledge.  The profile you created in my CV-Resume was highly professional and spot on, there were a few minor questions and amendments I had after receiving the first draft but you took the time to listen, explained your strategies, what recruiters are looking for and made the one or two minor relevant changes to ensure that I was comfortable with the wording and representation of my background.  Katherine, I am very happy with the outcome of my CV-Resume, it is the little things that you did that took the service above and beyond for example talking about the tone of the CV-Resume, providing career guidance and strategies but leaving the decision with me.  I want you to know, I have taken on board what you have said and am considering applying for recognised prior learnings (RPLs) to help me attain the senior-executive management role that I am seeking in Human Resources.  I would definitely recommend you to my colleagues, friends and family.

Resume Writing Services (Industrial Relations Representation, Mediator and Trainer), Cardiff, Newcastle NSW

Resume Writing  and Selection Criteria Writing Services – I Believe Everyone Should Invest In Your Services

Hi Katherine, I appreciate you being able to make time  with short notice to sit with me and uncover my most relevant skills and word my experience in a way that was appealing to the role I am applying for.  I found the whole experience to be easy, professional, and I found myself very comfortable working with you.  I have learnt some useful tips and gained some good advice which will help in my preparation for my interview. Katherine, I believe everyone should invest in your Career Consulting Services, (it would save most people a lot of time and money by winning more job interviews.  Thanks again.

Career Consulting Services, Resume Writing Services, and Selection Criteria Writing Services Client Lake Macquarie NSW 

Selection Criteria Writing Services – So Impressed, I Could Never Have Done This Myself!

Katherine, I am so impressed I could never have done this myself and even if I could it would have taken me a very long time and it would not have been close to the document you created for me.  I am very happy with the outcome.  Thank You.

Selection Criteria Writing Services, Rathmines, Lake Macquarie NSW

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter Writing Services – The Documents Look Great!

Katherine, The Resume and Employment Cover Letter you created for me look great! Thank You so much.

Resume Writing and Cover Letter Writing Services Client, Yeerrinbool, Southern Highland NSW 

Beautifully crafted Resume  and Cover Letter; my old Resume looks like a teenager wrote it compared to this very professional Resume  and Cover LetterI am very satisfied with the outcome and your professional Career Consulting Services.  Thank You.

Resume Writing and Cover Letter Writing Services Client, Karuah, Port Stephens – Mid North Coast NSW

Resume Writing Services I Love The Format And Succinct Overviews

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) you created for me is Awesome! I like it very much!  It is really succinctly written and describes my experiences better than I could have.  Thank you for your promptness and diligence in scripting my Resume for potential transition between careers and maintaining timely correspondence with me throughout the process.  I will enjoy reading it again and again no doubt, and look forward to having something ready now to apply for jobs, seeing responses and feedback!.  Katherine, I love the format and succinct overviews of my experience and competencies, it describes me well and is to the point.

Resume Writing Services Client, Merewether, Newcastle NSW

Resume Writing Services – Katherine Clearly Knows Her Stuff!

After struggling with my Resume over the past few months, I was in the telecommunications industry for 25+ years, and already having it (my Resume)  professionally reviewed and created I was not happy with the end result.  My previous Resume-CV didn’t highlight my key strengths, abilities and achievements; although I thought that it was something that a potential employer or recruitment agencies would like to read.  Well I was right, it may have looked pretty but I go no responses after applying for many many positions.  So I decided to take another approach and in the mix I found Blu Ripples (Katherine) who is a Career Development Specialist.  I contacted Katherine from Blu Ripples and we chatted for around 40 minutes and then I knew that Katherine not only heard everything I said she picked up my personality.   Katherine clearly knows her stuff and will not only guide you but will provide the necessary support, suggestions and best approach for your new career path, after all its your Resume.   As a result of my initial conversation with Katherine, I now have a Resume that is cleaner, sharper and to the point; most importantly that it is me.  Thank you Katherine.

Resume Writing Services  Client (Telecommunications Industry), Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland

Resume Writing Services A True and Accurate Evaluation And Reflection

Katherine, the Resume you generated for me was a true and accurate evaluation and reflection of me and my accomplishments.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends.

Resume Writing Services Client (B Double Truck Driver, 35 Yrs experience) Cessnock, Hunter Region NSW

Resume Writing Services – You Have Given Me A New Appreciation of Me!

I have been working with a Port Macquarie transportation and logistics company for over 10 years now, with over 30 years of experience in my industry.  Until I met you, I had not really given much thought to what I have accomplished over the years. I just do the job to the best of my ability and hope the employer is happy with my work.   Katherine, I could never have prepared my CV like this. It is a true and accurate reflection of me, and as you stated, you listened carefully to what I said and just added a bit of “spit and polish”.  Whilst I am feeling scared at the prospect of looking for a new job, I have learnt a lot about myself, the job market and job search, including using LinkedIn to re-connect with colleagues and establish networks to help me find employment.   The Blu Ripples Resume Writing Services process and outcome have given me a new appreciation for me....I never thought of myself in these terms – that is, of promoting my achievements, and this is a new concept for me to get used to, but the Resume is true and accurate, and I am happy with the outcome.

Resume Writing Services Client (Transportation and Logistics, Port Macquarie, Mid-North Coast NSW 

Resume Writing Services Very Happy – The Process Was Fair, Professional and Helpful

Katherine, I found your details on Google.  After 30 years of work I had never gone down the path of having my Resume written before and as such I was skeptical because my friends had had their Resumes written by  professional Resume writers before and the Resumes they produced were crap.  I need not have worried though, I am very happy with my Resume, the process was fair, professional and helpful.  I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

Resume Writing Services Client, Medowie, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services – I Love The Resume You Prepared For Me!

Katherine, the Resume – Curriculum Vitae (CV) you prepared for me looks and sounds very professional.  I LOVE IT!!!

Resume Writing Services Client, Maryong, Sydney NSW  

Resume Writing Services  Very Professional and Polished

Katherine, the CV (Resume) you created for me is very professional and polished, I like the way it presents and reads; my old CV (Resume) in comparison  was very amateurish to the one you created for me.  I feel very confident in applying for positions now.  Thank you.

Resume Writing Services Client, (Transport and Business Manager, 30+ years experience) Salt Ash, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services –  Highly Impressed and So Appreciative

When I called you, I had a very small window of opportunity to get my Resume into HR for an internal position, less than one business dayKatherine I am so appreciative that you could consult with me yesterday at  your office and then to turnaround such a professional CV (Resume) within 3 to 4 hours – I am impressed and so appreciative.  I showed my wife the CV last night and she too was happy and impressed with the quality of the CV.  Thank you Katherine, for calling me back when you did and helping me complete my CV in such a short period of time.

Resume Writing Services Client, Maryville, Newcastle NSW 

Resume and Selection Criteria Writing Services – Katherine Went Above and Beyond For Me!

What a pleasure to have Katherine work on my CV (Resume) and SC (Selection Criteria) for a job that I really want and believe I am fully suited for, a position Katherine has helped me with.  She has great insights into me as a person that she has never meet and was so generous to work with, she  went above and beyond her hours to do the best for me.  Katherine will not know what she has done for me as a proud Aboriginal women, she has understood my needs and acknowledged my culture with great RESPECT!  I felt there was an instant connect with Katherine and I hope to work with her in the future.

Resume Writing Services and Selection Criteria Writing Services Client, Stockton, Newcastle NSW 

Resume Writing Services – I Am So Very Happy With The Outcome

“Wow – You Must Write Resumes – CV’s for Elite Clients”.  I am stoked, the Resume is wonderful.  I am so very happy with the outcome.   It is exactly what I was looking for.  Thank You.

Resume Writing Services Client (Retail Management) Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens NSW 

Resume Writing Services – and Cover Letter Writing ServicesI Got  The Job!! Double My Old Pay!

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to let you know I got the job!!  After seeing you late Wednesday (4pm ish), I went home and e-mailed the Cover Letter  and Resume straight away.  The next morning (Thursday) they called me straight away and spoke to me on the telephone.  I went for an interview this morning (Friday) and 1/2 hour ago (4.30pm Friday), I got an e-mail from them offering me the job – with a Letter of  Offer attached.  I am wrapped, they want me to start ASAP, I am stoked as I will finish up work on Tuesday and will be heading out west 3 1/2 hours away) to start my new career and life (my partner is pregnant with our first child) at double my current pay rate I am Stoked!

Resume Writing Services and Cover Letter Writing Services Client (Boilermaker), Newcastle NSW 

Resume Writing Services and Portfolio – I Believe You Are Very Good At What You Do!!

Katherine, you are very thorough in your Career Consulting and Development work.  You dived deep into my background by asking lots of relevant and meaningful questions that I never would have thought about to encourage me to open up and talk about my experiences, skills, qualifications and achievements which you transferred into my Resume-Curriculum Vitae (CV).  As you know my goal for coming to see you was for you to help me create a Career Portfolio to help me attain RPL’s and professional membership status with my industry association after 38 years of working in my industry.  As a result of my consultation with you and the work you carried out for me I now recognise and appreciate my professional achievements and experiences in a way I never had before.  I feel comfortable and a confident in submitting my Resume-CV and Career Portfolio to my industry associations.   Katherine, I also liked the fact that I felt comfortable to open up to you and ask questions that you were will to share your knowledge and experiences, provided business and career guidance, recommendations and strategies to help me achieve my goals such as creating a career portfolio utilising traditional and digital (social media) methods.  In short, I believe you are very good at what you do, I liked your details, professional, down to earth and systematic approach it put me at ease straight away.

Career Consulting and Resume Writing Services Client, Rutherford, Maitland – Hunter Region NSW

Career Consulting – You Really Really Really Dig Deep And Get The Results That Are Required

I have been using Katherine’s Career Consulting Services for the last 13 years.  the reason I keep coming back is that Katherine listens, understands what I want and how to make it happenKatherine gets me and knows how to put my experiences – background into context.  Every time I want to apply for a job I cringe at the process.  I hate computers and the recruitment process destroys me but Katherine makes everything a thousand times easier she knows what questions to ask to get me to open up.  She is insightful, consistent and helpful.  All I have to do is call Katherine and talk to her and she gets it done for me.  P.S.  Katherine, if anyone has any questions about your services tell them to call me, you have my number.  I am more than happy to answer any questions and let them know what you are all about and how you really really really dig deep and get the results that are required.

Long Term Career Consulting and Resume Writing Services Client, Greystanes, Sydney NSW

Career Consulting Services – When You Are On A Winner You Stick With It!

Kath, in the ten (10) years or so that I have been coming to you to help me with my Resumes, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters I have only ever had 2 jobs that I applied for that I did not get an interview for (we must have applied for at least 20 to 30 positions over this time) – I am stoked – that is very good odds.

Long Term Career Consulting (Resume, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters) Client, Emu Plains, Sydney NSW

I wanted to let you know I got the job interview with the Department of Corrective Services; the one that I had been hoping would come up for a little while.  Thank you for preparing my Resume and Selection Criteriayou always do a wonderful job.  I will let you know how I get on with the interview.

Resume Writing and Selection Criteria Writing Services Client, Emu Plains, Western Sydney NSW State

Resume Writing Services – The Layout and Content Is Amazing!

I am really happy with the Resume that you prepared for my 20 year old son; the layout and the content is Amazing! We could never have achieved this result ourselves; in fact, we had a few disagreements about it before deciding to find someone (you) to prepare a professional Resume for our son.  Thank you so much.

Resume Writing Services (Parent Feedback) Salt Ash, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services I Really Like My New Resume – The Design and Content

I really like my new Resume, the design and content.  I could never have achieved this myself. On Monday, I am going to hit the job search sites and target some companies I am interested in working for on a full-time basis.

Resume Writing Services  Client – Salt Ash, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services – You Delivered A Great Resume!

Thanks Katherine, you spent a number of hours listening to a huge amount of information being downloaded (my qualifications, experience, various roles) and sometimes I veered a little off track about my 30 years of employment.   I was really impressed that you captured this information so accurately in this one meeting and were able to deliver a great CV after this one session.  Thank you so much Katherine, for making this so easy. 

Resume Writing Services  Client, West Hoxton, Greater Western Sydney, NSW

Career ConsultingResume Writing and Selection Criteria  – I Got To The Final Round of Interviews

It has been a few years since we last met (probably about 8 since we first met), so much has happened and I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me i.  Previously you updated my CV and wrote a Selection Criteria for me, for Corrective ServicesI successfully got to the final round of interviews, there were 3 of us.   However, unfortunately due to a workplace incident and injury I was required to take time off from work to recuperate.   Katherine, it was because of your hard work that i got that far and now I am ready to take the next step which is why I am coming back to you to help me update my CV (Resume) again and possibly write a Selection Criteria in the next couple of weeks  when the position is advertised.  I really loved catching up with you today!

Long Term Career Consulting  Client, Sydney NSW 

Resume Writing Services – I am So Much More Confident In My Job Search Strategies

Seven (7) years ago, I was 47 years of age and thought that it was impossible to get another job, you sat down with me, gave me your time, guidance and support.  I found it extremely difficult to get a job and went to a few Career Consulting practices to get my Resume done and receive some career advice but it was your Career ConsultingResume Services that got me the job and gave me the confidence I lacked.  Katherine, I can not thank you enough for all your help back then and now.  After 7 years with my current employer, the company is restructuring and I have to re-apply for my job or find another one.  At 54 years of age, I know times are tough out there but I am so much more confident in my abilities and job search strategies thanks to your help.  Thank you Katherine

Long Term Career Consulting & Resume Writing Services Client, Quakers Hills, Western Sydney NSW 

Resume Writing Services Bonza! Ripper Mate!! Very Professionally Done and Presented

Bonza! Ripper Mate!! Very Professionally done and presented (Resume).  A job well done, I would be happy to recommend you to my family and friends.

Resume Writing Services, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services – I Feel Proud and Confident To Show My Resume Now

Initially, I thought Katherine is just going to type up a Resume, how can it cost so much?  But Katherine (Blu Ripples) gave me a professional document that I feel proud of and confident to show recruitment consultants and employers.  The investment I made, both time and money, was worth it. Katherine (Blu Ripples) gave me time, encouragement and ideas on how to progress in my career, information and resources both at my initial consultation and at pick up.  In fact, I recall telling Katherine how impressed I was with the amount of information she knew and shared with me at our initial consultation and then at the presentation/pick up of the document.  I highly recommend Katherines (Blu Ripples) Resume Writing Services to anyone.  I am very happy with the outcome as I am sure you will be with your document.

Resume Writing Services, Hawks Nest, Mid North Coast NSW

Resume Writing Services I Gained A Knowledge Consultant Position With A Top Tier Law Firm

A couple of years ago I came to you to seek assistance for applying for jobs in the legal profession.  As a direct result of your help (preparing my Resume – CV) I managed to gain a Knowledge Consultant position with a top tier law firm and I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and ask if I could seek your assistance again as I am planning on applying for a graduate law position in the public sector (as I am completing my 6th year of university) whilst simultaneously pursuing the BAR examination.  I look forward to seeing you next week in Sydney.

Resume Writing Services (Knowledge Consultant, Top Tier Law Firm) Client, Kellyville, Hills District Sydney NSW

Resume Writing Services – Awesome Results!

Katherine, I just wanted to say my Resume looks awesome – Thank you.

Resume Writing Services  Client, Sydney CBD, NSW 

Resume Writing Services Attention To Detail Was Incredible, Time and Effort Above And Beyond

Blu Ripples has created for me the most a Amazing Resume! The attention to detail was incredible and the time and effort put in was above and beyond the call of duty.  I am proud to present to prospective employers’ an impeccable documentation of my work history.  A thousand Thank Yous Katherine!

Resume Writing Services Client, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services – You Are Amazing!

You have no idea how happy I am with it!!! You Are Amazing!

Resume Writing Services Client,Port Stephens, NSW 

Resume Writing Services Highly Recommended!

Highly Recommendable (CV-Resume Writing Services).

Resume Writing Service Client, Hinton, Port Stephens NSW

Resume Writing Services A Life Long Goal Achieved!

I just wanted to tell you that I got accepted into the Police Academy at Goulburn (NSW).  A life long ambition was achieved because you helped me.  Thank you.

Career Consulting including Resume Writing Services  Client, Greystanes, Western Sydney NSW

Resume Writing Services – I Got My Dream Job!

Great News!  I got (my dream) job with Corrective Services.  I am over the moon!

Resume Writing Services Client, Sydney NSW

Resume Writing Services My Son Got The Job!

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that my son (who saw you two years ago) sent his CV out for his Plumbing Apprenticeship the day after he picked it up form you and the following day his now boss called him in for an interview and he go the job.  He is now a 2nd year apprentice and doing very well.  Thank you for all your help.

Resume Writing Services (A Dad’s Feedback), Baullkham Hills, Hills District Sydney NSW

Katherine, You are Wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that I submitted my government application online late last night and first thing this morning the department called me to arrange an interview (before the closing date).  I am so excited and happy.  I promise I will call and let you know how I get on at the interview.   Katherine, you always get results for me that is why I keep coming back to you.  Thank You!

Long Term Client – Selection Criteria Writing Services Client , Sydney NSW

Resume Writing Services You Are Very Skilled!

WOW!!! What a wonderful job you have done – I must say your are very skilled at what you do!

Resume Writing Services – Ryde, North Western Sydney NSW  

Career Consulting & Resume Writing Services – I Am So Grateful For Your Help!

After three months of applying for new positions I had not had any interviews at all.  Then I decided to seek the help of a Career Consultant, it took me awhile to find someone that I really liked the voice.  I am not after the qualifications, I was looking for someone that possesses a caring voice.  I was glad when Katherine answered the  phone instantly, I know that I finally found someone.   During the consultation not only did she possess a caring voice, who is highly qualified, very professional, honest, generous an patient.  She walked with me to develop my ResumeAfter the consultation, I regained my self-esteem, which unfortunately bruised for a while, and most of all I also gained a caring friend.  I am so grateful for her help, I finally had an interview and have been shortlisted.  Thank you so very much Katherine! Love and God Bless – Merly!

Career Consulting  and Resume Writing Services – Maryong, Western Sydney NSW

Resume Writing Services and Career Development Report – Great Work – A SWOT Analysis On Me!

Katherine, my Resume is Great!.  I also really love the Career Development Report that you offer – it is like an extensive SWOT Analysis on me.  I am definitely going to get my fiance to come and see you.

Resume Writing Services and Career Development Report Client – North Sydney, NSW

Resume Writing Services – My Sister Recommended You – I Am So Happy!

Katherine, you have a special talent for writing employment documentation ; you have an uncanny ability to capture the real me on paper yet at the same time elevate the way in which I describe my experience so that I can take myself to the next level without sounding like an egocentric git.  Keep up the good work!

Resume Writing Services  Client – Seven Hills, NSW

Resume Writing Services  – You Have A Special Talent!

My sister recommended that I come to see you.  I am so happy I did.  You made me think about not only my next step but also the bigger picture – what I want out of life and what kind of life do I want to provide for my wife and children.  I had never really thought about the bigger picture but now you have got me thinking.

Resume Writing Services  Client – Lane Cover, Lower North Shore Region, NSW

Resume Writing Services – You Captured Me Without The Fru Fru

I love your writing style, you really capture me; I love the fact my documentation clearly promotes my qualifications, skills and abilities without the excessive Fru Fru.

Resume Writing Services  Client, Sydney NSW

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