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Workplace Personality Index (WPI)

Workplace Personality Index (WPI)

Opening a new door of professional awareness, empowerment, growth and development; Discover your Workplace Personality and capture new opportunities

The Workplace Personality Index (WPI) is a powerful specialised personality assessment instrument that measures and reports on Workplace Personality traits that influence your performance and effectiveness across six (6) key areas and 21 traits.

For example, within the “Career” Report, one of the key areas listed is “Working with Others”; within this area, there are four (4) traits that are measured and scored against other working adults who have completed the instrument.

In the case of the WPI Career Report, the traits are Outgoing, Teamwork, Concern for Others and Democratic; the report also describes each and makes recommendations.

Benefits of WPI For Individuals (You) and Employers

The Workplace Personality Index (WPI) has multiple benefits for Individuals (You) and Employers for example the WPI instrument could potentially help:- 


  • Developing and implementing professional development strategies and action plans
  • Establishing skills baselines.
  • Grasping your leadership style
  • Highlighting key transferable skills in employment documentation.
  • Identifying development areas and strategies to capitalise on development opportunities
  • Managing challenges, obstacles and goals
  • Pinpointing preferential workplace personality behaviours. 
  • Putting forward your case for a promotion or pay increase at your performance appraisal, as you can compare and contrast your skill improvements over the preceding year


  • Change Management
  • Develop Learning and Development opportunities or programs to close skills gaps 
  • Identifying candidates’ preferential work and interaction styles
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment and Selection analysis and reporting
  • Succession Planning 
  • Support or refute interviews and other psychometric instruments
  • Talent Development, Management, and Retention
  • Talent Diversification Needs 
  • Team Building
  • Training Needs Analysis within departments or the organisation
3 Reports in One – The Power of The WPI 

The Workplace Personality Index (WPI) is a power instrument that, from one personality assessment instrument, can multiple reports. Of the WPI reports, we regularly generate three (3) individual reports (each with their own costing) including:- 

  • Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Career
  • Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Development
  • Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Leadership

Blu Ripples also has access to the WPI Select Report.  The Select Report is specifically designed to provide insight and guidance to employers about a candidate’s behaviour and to facilitate the skills matrix assessment within the recruitment and selection process. For further information on the WPI Select Report, please refer to our  Recruitment and Selection Psychometric Page.

Which WPI Report Suits My Needs?

For Fair Use (educational – information purposes) to assist you in determining which instrument(s) may be best for your current needs, we have summarised a snapshot of each of the three (3) WPI Reports we regularly administer.

Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Career

Designed to provide information and advice that is useful for people involved in career exploration or change.

Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Development

Designed for professional growth…interpretive notes can be useful for increasing your success at work and in life.

Workplace Personality Index (WPI)   Leadership

Designed to help you understand your role as a leader, identify skills, competencies and development areas to maximise your impact 

Other – Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Select  

Designed to assist employers in the recruitment and selection phase; see Psychometrics – Recruitment and Selection

What Does The WPI Report On?

The Workplace Personality Index has six (6) key areas and measures 21 personality traits, including: –

  • Energy and Drive
  • Working with Others
  • Work Style
  • Problem-Solving
  • Dealing with Pressures and Stress
  • Identifying & Managing Change

Upon completion of the instrumentation, the WPI will chart your outcomes utilising a Sten Score (Rating Scale) from 1 to 10 to compare the individuals’ (your) responses to a large sample of working adults, thus providing valuable insights for both individuals and employers.

What WPI Qualifications or Certifications Do You Have?

To purchase, administer, analyse and report on Workplace Personality Index (WPI) instrumentation, practitioners must meet educational criteria in terms of type accreditation and or formal academia.

Katherine possesses:-

  • ACER Education HR Certification
  • Human Resource Qualifications

Please refer to the About Us page for further information about Katherine’s qualifications, accreditations, and certifications.

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instruments, there are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to before proceeding.

Workplace Personality Index (WPI)  Questions

Do you have a question regarding the Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Instrument?

Please call Katherine to discuss any questions you may have regarding the WPI, and it’s suitability to your  individual or organisation needs.

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