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Outplacement Programs and Services Blu Ripples providing career transition support to employers and exiting employees

Outplacement Services

Providing organisations with tailored solutions and exiting employees with skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully transition to a new employer

Outplacement Services

Supporting Career Transition with Confidence

At Blu Ripples we understand the challenges that organisations and employees face during periods of career transition and uncertainty, particularly in the case of compulsory or voluntary redundancy. That’s why our Outplacement Services focus on providing practical, strategic, and counselling support to both organisations and exiting employees.

Our Professional Background: Qualifications and Experience

Katherine brings a unique combination of qualifications and experience in Career Development and Education, Counselling, and Human Resources. She has firsthand experience in facilitating employee redundancies while working in Human Resources, as well as Career Guidance and Transition Support to individuals post-redundancy. 

Her expertise allows her to understand the complexities of the situation and offer meaningful, solution-focused Outplacement Services tailored to your company’s specific needs, budget, volume, position of exiting employees, and time frame.

Comprehensive Career Transition Services

Our Outplacement Services aim to provide comprehensive support to employees and workplaces throughout the redundancy cycle. We offer a range of services designed to address the various stages of career transition:

  • Facilitating employees in managing the grief and loss that often accompanies redundancy.
  • Assisting employees in identifying and achieving their job search objectives.
  • Pinpointing sustainable employment opportunities and potential career pathways.
  • Identifying training needs and strategising measures to address them.
  • Helping employees develop effective employment documents, including CVs and Resumes, Cover Letters, Selection Criterias and Profiles
  • Providing employees with the tools and self-confidence to move towards their new career goals.

We understand that each organisation and individual has unique requirements, which is why our outplacement services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Katherine will work closely with you to determine the scope of the outplacement program, ensuring that it aligns with your objectives, expertise, and agreement for outplacement services.

Flexible Outplacement Service Options

Our Outplacement Services can be configured in various ways to accommodate different preferences and circumstances:

  • Individual (1-on-1) sessions: Personalised support and guidance tailored to the specific needs of each employee.
  • Small group sessions: Collaborative sessions that allow employees to share experiences and learn from one another.
  • Combination of small group and individual sessions: A balanced approach that combines the benefits of both personalised and collaborative support.

Additionally, we offer flexibility in terms of the delivery method. Our outplacement services can be conducted:

  • Face-to-Face at our office: A comfortable and confidential environment where employees can receive support.
  • Via Zoom: Convenient virtual sessions that allow for remote participation.
  • Via Telephone: Flexible sessions that can be conducted from any location with access to telephone reception
  • Onsite at your corporate offices: Customised support delivered directly at your organisation’s premises (subject to terms, fees, and availability).

With our guidance and support, you can navigate the redundancy period with confidence. Together, we will shape, shift, and move towards a successful career transition.

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