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Transferable Skills Analysis Report

Key Transferable Skills Report

A concise report created to help you identify and market your most valuable key transferable skills in an ever-increasing and highly competitive global labour market

Unlocking the Power of Your Transferable Skills

Our Key Transferable Skills Report (KTS) is a comprehensive tool designed to assist individuals in identifying and strategically marketing their transferable employment skills to employers in today’s highly competitive global labour market. With the rise of portfolio careers and the increasing demand for versatile skill sets, it has become essential to showcase your transferable skills effectively.

How Can the Key Transferable Skills Report Benefit You?

The KTS Report can provide several potential benefits:

1. Identify and Classify Your Skills

Empowers you to objectively identify and classify both hard and relevant soft (social) skills based on your employment history. This clear understanding of your skillset gives you the confidence to articulate your strengths to potential employers, putting you in control of your career narrative.

2. Determine Suitability for Advertised Positions

Assess your suitability for advertised positions by comparing your skill set with the job requirements. This enables you to target your job search more effectively and increase your chances of securing relevant opportunities.

3. Tailor Compelling Employment Documents

Leverage the insights from the report to strategically tailor your employment documents, such as ResumesCover Letters, and profiles, to highlight your  transferable skills. This strategic customisation not only enhances your chances of capturing the attention of hiring managers but also positions you as a unique and competitive candidate in the job market.

4. Pinpoint Opportunities and Skills Development Needs

Opens doors for personal growth and career progression by helping you pinpoint opportunities for skills development. Allowing you to focus on acquiring the necessary skills to progress along your desired career pathway.

5. Promote Your Skills to Employment Decision-Makers

Equips you with the ability to confidently promote your transferable skills to employment decision-makers.  Showcase your diverse skill set and demonstrate your value and suitability for the role.

6. Analyse Opportunities in Terms of Criteria and Remuneration

Analyse employment opportunities based on various criteria, including remuneration and benefit structuresEmpowering you to make informed decisions and negotiate favourable terms based on your skills and knowledge.

7. Uncover Hidden Skills

Reveal existing skills that you may not have been consciously aware of, utilise this knowledge to further develop and leverage your hidden skills to enhance your career prospects.

8. Create Meaningful Career Development Plans

Create, implement, and monitor meaningful career development plans or action plans. This proactive approach ensures that you are continuously progressing towards your professional goals.

Potential Workplace Benefits

The Key Transferable Skills Report can also potentially benefit employers in several ways:

1. Training Needs Analysis 

Facilitate in the training needs analysis process to identify any skills gaps and create development plans. This enables your employer to provide targeted training opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge.

2. Development Opportunities

Employers can utilise the report to identify suitable employees for development opportunities, such as secondment positions. This allows them to nurture talent within the organisation and promote career growth.

3. Career Development Planning

The insights from the report can be used to generate or revise career development planning sessions or performance reviews. This ensures that employees’ career aspirations align with the organisation’s goals.

4. Succession and Workforce Transition Planning

By understanding the transferable skills of their employees, employers can develop succession and workforce transition plans and goals. This proactive approach ensures a smooth transition during periods of change.

5. Tertiary Applications and Recognized Prior Learnings (RPLs)

The KTS can assist in preparing tertiary applications, showcasing employees’ transferable skills and relevant experiences. It can also support the recognition of prior learnings, allowing you employees to receive credit for their existing skills and knowledge; resulting in lower tertiary costs for organisations supporting or reimbursing employees’ tertiary pursuits.

6. Remuneration and Benefits Negotiation

Based on the insights provided by the report employers can negotiate remuneration and benefits structures that align with employees’ skills and knowledge. This promotes fairness and ensures employees are appropriately rewarded.

7. Professional Affiliations

Employers can establish professional affiliations based on employees’ professional expertise and integrity, as highlighted in the report. This enhances the organisation’s reputation and credibility in the industry

The Key Transferable Skills Report Process

Stage 1: Intake Session

The intake session is the first step in the  report process. It includes:

  • 1 x 1-hour session to establish a connection and discuss your job search goals
  • Consideration of our duty of care, codes of conduct, and ethical considerations
  • Self-reflection process to explore your background and experiences
  • Collaborative discussion about your previous jobs
  • Nomination of the five (5) previously held jobs you wish to analyze in the report
Stage 2: Skills Analysis

After the intake session, we conduct a comprehensive skills analysis. This analysis focuses on:

  • The positions you identified during the intake session
  • Identifying and categorising your transferable skills

The skills analysis provides valuable insights into your skill set and serves as the foundation for the Key Transferable Skills Report.

Stage 3: Presentation

In Stage 3 of our process, we present your report. During this session, we will  provide you with a verbal presentation and a hard copy for your reference. Reports are customised to your needs and typically run 2-3 pages. Our presentation highlights key points, and takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of the findings and be equipped to make informed decisions.

Ad-Ons For Your Report

Option 1.     Psychometric Instrumentation

Add  in one or more of the following Instruments to help you explore your competencies, strengths and development areas.    Options  include: – 

NB. Subject to availability of data,  additional costs, our duty of care, ethical guidelines, codes of conduct – See Psychometric Profiling Page. 

Option 2.  Compare and Contrast Skills (Actual vs. Required Skills) 

Identify and analyse one or two nominated positions you are considering against your current skills base. Benefits may include: – 

  • Identification of prospective employer or industry requirements or themes
  • Assisting in effectively planning educational or development strategies
  • Supporting you in developing and implementing action plans with  timeframes
  • Maximising your desired outcomes through the attainment of resources
  • Increased confidence and self-awareness in your  capabilities  

NB.   Subject to the availability of data and additional costs, a maximum of 20 skills per position analysed

With the KTS Report, you can unlock the full potential of your transferable skills and confidently navigate the competitive job market. Take control of your career and showcase your unique value to employers and recruiters.

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