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Blu Ripples Key Transferable Skills Report

Key Transferable Skills Report

A concise report created to help you identify and market your most valuable key transferable skills in an ever-increasing and highly competitive global labour market

Our Key Transferable Skills Report (KTS) has been designed to help you identify and strategically market your transferable employment skills to employers in an ever-increasing and highly competitive global labour market where portfolio careers have become the norm.

How Can The Key Transferable Skills Report Benefit Me?

The Key Transferable Skills Report (KTS) could potentially benefit you by helping you:- 

  • Identify and classify both hard and relevant soft (social) skills based on your employment
  • Objectively determine your suitability for advertised positions based on your skill set
  • Tailor compelling employment documents, e.g. Resumes, Cover Letters and Profiles
  • Pinpoint opportunities and skills development needs for your ideal pathway
  • Promote your skills to employment decision-makers at interviews 
  • Analyse opportunities in terms of criterion, remuneration (pay) and benefit structures
  • Open your eyes up to existing skills that you may not have been consciously aware of
  • Create, implement and monitor meaningful career development plans or action plans
Potential Workplace Benefits

Potentially the Key Transferable Skills Report could assist you and/or your employer: –

  • Undertake Training Needs Analysis to identify your skills gaps and create development plans
  • Apply your skills on the job for development opportunities e.g. secondment positions
  • Generate or revise career development planning sessions or performance reviews
  • Develop succession and/or workforce transition plans and goals
  • Submit tertiary applications for course submission or Recognised Prior Learnings (RPL’s)
  • Negotiate remuneration and benefits structures based on your skills and knowledge
  • Establish professional affiliations based on your professional expertise and integrity
Key Transferable Skills Report Process 

Stage 1. Intake Session

Intake Session incorporates:-

  • 1 x 1 Hour Session
  • Establishing  connection and job search goals
  • Considering our Duty of Care, Codes of Conduct and ethical considerations 
  • Self- Reflection process to explore your background
  • Collaborative discussion about your previous  jobs 
  • Your nomination of the five (5) previously held jobs you wish to  analyse  in the report

Stage 2. Skills Analysis

After Stage 1 we will conduct a Skills Analysis for:-

  • The positions you identified in your intake session; and to:-
  • Identify & record your skills based on available data
  • Summarise our findings
  • Prepare a written  and bound report format
  • Contact you to schedule your Presentation session
NB.  Analysis of additional positions, subject to formal written agreement, data availability and additional costs.

Stage 3.   Presentation

Presentation Session incorporates:-

  • Verbal Presentation of your KTS Report
  • 1 x Hard Copy of KTS Report

N.B. Content and length will vary as our reports are customised based on your individual circumstances, the number of positions analysed and your needs.  As a general rule of thumb, a report can range from 2 to 3 pages in totality.  Approximate time frame for the verbal presentation of your report is 30 min to 1 hour. 

Ad Ons For Your Key Transferable Skills Report

Option 1.     Psychometric Instrumentation

Add  in one or more of the following Instruments to help you explore your competencies, strengths and development areas.    Options  include: – 

NB. Subject to availability of data,  additional costs, our duty of care, ethical guidelines, codes of conduct – See Psychometric Profiling Page. 

Option 2.  Compare and Contrast Skills (Actual vs. Required Skills) 

Identify and analyse one or two nominated positions you are considering against your current skills base. Benefits may include: – 

  • Identification of prospective employer or industry requirements or themes
  • Assisting in effectively planning educational or development strategies
  • Supporting you in developing and implementing action plans with  timeframes
  • Maximising your desired outcomes through the attainment of resources
  • Increased confidence and self-awareness in your  capabilities  

NB.   Subject to the availability of data and additional costs, a maximum of 20 skills per position analysed

Seeking An In-Depth Analysis Of Your Transferable Skills?

You may be interested in exploring our Career Development Report.

The Career Development Report provides a more extensive skills comparison analysis. That is, during the report process, we breakdown your raw career interest data into a top 20 career preferences schedule and then systematically conduct a comprehensive skills analysis process to: – 

  • Assist you in the identification of: – 
  • Existing skills and preferences, 
  • Sills gaps 
  • Developmental requirements based on your top 20 career preference skills themes 
  • From which developmental strategies and action plans can be implemented


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