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Blu Ripples Career Card Sorters

Career Card Sorts

A Textual and tactile psychometric instrument designed to help you consider and process your career interest preferences

Discover Your Career Interests with Our Unique Career Card Sorts

Blu Ripples (Katherine), has developed and implemeted an innovative career card sorts card set that is designed to help individuals identify and categorise their career interest preferences. These card sorts combine a visual and textual learning style methodology, making it easier for you to understand and explore different career options.

Our Career Card Sort Deck consists of 192 occupations, ranging from traditional to contemporary fields. Whether you’re interested in becoming an app developer, an astrophysicist, a cargo specialist, carpenter, a geomorphologist, a pyrotechnic artist, teacher or any other occupation, our card sorters can help you discover your true career interests.

The Benefits of Using Blu Ripples Career Card Sorts

There are several benefits to using Blu Ripples Career Card Sorts:

Start a career conversation

The tactile nature of the card sorters allows you to physically touch, view, shuffle, and sort the deck. This hands-on approach creates an engaging and interactive experience, making it easier to start a conversation about your career goals and aspirations.

Clarify career confusion

If you’re feeling uncertain or confused about your career path, our card sorters can help bring clarity. By exploring different occupations and their descriptions, you can gain a better understanding of your interests and preferences.

Identify new career interests

Our card sorters are designed to help you discover new career interests, options, or pathways that you may not have considered before. By exposing you to a wide range of occupations, we aim to broaden your horizons and spark new ideas.

Process your thoughts and feelings

Exploring career interests and disinterests can sometimes be an emotional journey. Our card sorters provide a platform for you to process your thoughts and feelings, helping you gain insights into your true passions and motivations.

Pinpoint occupational themes

Through the card sorting process, you’ll begin to notice patterns and themes among different occupations. This can help you identify occupational categories that resonate with you, providing a starting point for further exploration.

Understand job roles

Each occupation in the card sort deck comes with a snapshot position description. This allows you to gain a basic understanding of the role and responsibilities associated with each job. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with different career paths.

Narrow your vocational selection

With 192 occupations to choose from, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Our card sorters can help you narrow down your options by highlighting the careers that align most closely with your interests and goals. This can save you time and effort in your career research.

Stimulate your senses and mind

The utilisation of words, pictures, and colour in our card sorters creates a multi-sensory experience. This stimulates both your senses and your mind, making the exploration of career options more engaging and enjoyable.

How to Access Our Career Sorts

You have the option to select to access and use the Career Sorters in either a 1 on 1 Session; or through either the Career Development Report or the Career Interest Foundation Report process.

Accessing our Career Card Sorters is easy and convenient.  You have two options:

a) 1 on 1 Career Counselling Session

You can choose to use the card sorters during a personalised career counselling session with Katherine.  She will guide you through the process and provide valuable insights based on your results.

b) Career Development Report and Career Interest Foundation Report

Alternatively, you can access the card sorters through one of the two career reports. These reports provide a detailed analysis of your career interests and offer guidance on potential career paths.

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

Before proceeding with the use of our career card sorters, it’s important to adhere to ethical guidelines and considerations. As outlined in our Psychometric Testing services page, there are specific codes of conduct that must be followed.

Have Questions About Our Card Sorters?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our career card sorters, please don’t hesitate to contact Katherine. She will be more than happy to discuss any inquiries you may have and provide further information about our instrument.

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