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Career Development Report Blu Ripples

Career Development Report

A comprehensive and multifaceted Career Planning and Development report that provides valuable insights, information and resources for you to make meaningful career decisions and promote growth

Our Career Development Report, often revered and warmly referred to as my Career Bible® by clients; has been designed to help you explore in detail your career options and pathways based on your unique circumstances, interests, capabilities, skills preferences and current Australian Labour Market information.

Exploring You

Throughout our time together  on  your journey, we will respectfully dive into and explore a range of areas including (but not limited to) your: – 

  • Personal, academic and professional history to date
  • Career interests, needs and wants, strengths and preferences
  • Career and educational baselines, options and pathways
  • Skills based on jobs you have held to date
  • Individual considerations and limitations
  • Career options and pathways, including providing examples of academic routes
  • Development areas and strategies
  • Psychometric assessment outcomes
  • Labour (job) market statistics
  • Career Resources

The content and length of individual Career Development Report may vary in accordance with your needs and career life stage.

Career Development Report Process

The Career Development Report process consists of 4 x 1-on-1 Career Development sessions. 

The four (4) sessions consist of: – 

Stage 1.   Initial Intake Session

Stage 2. Administration of Psychometric Instruments

NB. Approximate time frame  for instrumentation 4 to 5 hours;  instrumentation consists of online, paper and card sorter instruments; Psychometric instrumentation is administered per ethical guidelines, industry codes of conduct and our duty of care.   Read  Psychometric Profiling Page. 

Stage 3. Presentation of Career Development Report

  • Verbal Presentation 
  • 1 x Hard Copy of Report
NB. Content and Length will vary as our Career Development Reports are customised to your individual circumstances, needs and career life stage.  As a general rule of thumb, a report can range from 50 to 100+ pages in totality.  The approximate time frame for the verbal presentation of your report is 1.5 to 2 hours.

Stage 4. Optional Follow Up Session

  • 1 x 1 Hour Follow Up Session (Optional)
  • 2 to 4 weeks of the presentation of the  report 
Career Development Report Outcomes

Upon completion of the Career Development Report process, we aim to provide you with a high-quality customised Career Development Plan that provides you with:- 

  • A wealth of occupational information to make meaningful and informed occupational decisions based on your considerations, interests, motivators, values and findings 
  • A comprehensive schedule of career interests from your verbal communication and psychometric instrumentation outcomes
  •  A top 20 career preference schedule based on interests, preferences and outcomes 
  • Ability to compare and contrast areas of interest in your top 20 career preference schedule 
  • Information on your current skills, preferences and development requirements based on the   top 20 career preferences   outlined in your report (subject to available data)  
  • Insights into learning style preferences to assist in maximising your learning outcomes  
  • Examples of tertiary and vocational educational routes (e.g. university, TAFE or private colleges) for top 20 career preferences, including ATAR scores if appropriate 
  • Australian Labour Market Information (subject to availability ), including skills requirements for identified positions, remuneration rates, educational requirements, skills shortages (priorities) for your top 20 occupations  
  • The opportunity to strategies and implement meaningful career goals and action plans to achieve your long-term career objective 
Add Ons – Psychometric Instruments

In addition to the extensive psychometric instrumentation that is offered in the Career Development Report, you may be interested in adding:- 


To your report to provide you with insight into your workplace characteristics and or to provide insight into your productive and non-productive coping strategies.

NB.  Additional fees will be incurred to purchase and include either instrument into your report. 

Alternate Uses For Career Development Report

You may be interested to learn that the information contained in your Career Development Report can also potentially be used in several pre-employment and workplace scenarios including: – 

Preparation or updating of your:-


For Organisations/Employers in:- 

 Thus making your Career Development Report a wise long-term investment in your career.

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