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Knowdell Career Values and Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sorts

Knowdell Card Sorts

Industry-renowned, the visual and textual card sorts will help you identify and categorise career values and motivational factors.

Exploring Career Values and Motivated Skills

With The Knowdell Card Sorts

The Knowdell Card Sorts we use are a valuable tool for exploring and understanding your career values and motivated skills. These textual-based cards are designed to help you contemplate and sort through various aspects of your career preferences and strengths. By using these card sorts, you can gain insights into your core values,  preferences, competencies, and developmental areas. This knowledge can then be used to align yourself with potential employers and positions that align with your values and maximize your occupational satisfaction.

Understanding Career Values

Career Values are the core meaningful standards or principles that you hold unwaveringly. These values, such as ethics, loyalty, and honesty, play a crucial role in determining your career path and satisfaction. When considering a career or a position, it is essential to understand your career values to align yourself with like-minded employers, organisations, and roles. 

The Knowdell Career Values Deck consists of 54 cards, including 49 descriptive cards and 5 categorisation cards. These cards help you categorise your career values based on how often you value them, ranging from “always valued” to “never valued.” By completing this card sort, you can gain a deeper insight into your career values and make informed career decisions based on your outcomes.

Exploring Motivated Skills

Motivated Skills are the qualities, actions, or behaviours that drive you to produce outcomes or achieve goals. These skills play a significant role in your career and workplace success. By understanding your motivated skills, you can communicate your preferences, competencies, and development areas to your current or potential employer. This information can be used to tailor projects or roles to your strengths or provide developmental opportunities. 

The Knowdell Motivated Skills Deck consists of 56 cards, including 48 descriptive cards and 8 categorisation cards. These cards help you categorise your motivated skills based on your level of enjoyment and proficiency. By completing this card sort, you can gain insights into your enthusiasm for using each skill and assess your proficiency based on your self-perception.

Accessing the Knowdell Card Sorts

You have the option to access and use the Knowdell Career Values or Motivated Skills Card Sorts in either a one-on-one Career Counselling session or through our Career Development Report process. These card sorts can provide valuable insights into your values, skills, and career preferences, helping you make informed decisions and maximise your career satisfaction.

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

Before proceeding with the Knowdell Card Sorts, it is essential to adhere to ethical guidelines and considerations. As outlined in our Psychometric Testing services page, there are specific considerations and codes of conduct that must be followed. These guidelines ensure the ethical administration of psychometric instruments and protect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Knowdell Card Sorters or want to learn more about career values and motivated skills, please contact Katherine. She will be happy to discuss any questions you may have and provide further information about these valuable instruments.

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