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Career Consulting Services - Blu Ripples

Career Consulting Services

Sharing insights, knowledge and experience to empower you to achieve your job search objectives

Searching for a job can be very stressful at the best of times; often, there are tight timeframes and uncertainty concerning processes and expectations.  Do not worry, this is where Blu Ripples Career Consulting Services comes into play with professional objectivity and extensive experience.

Our Career Consulting Services are designed to minimise your pre-employment stress, dig below the surface level to understand who you are, your strengths, goals, achievements and professional experience, and craft this valuable information into a professional document highlighting you and your capabilities to prospective employers or recruitment consultants.

What Pre- Employment Documentation Do You Prepare?

Blu Ripples prepares clear, concise, consistent, objective strength and achievement based: – 

Cover Letter Writing Services

Employment Cover Letters

Our Employment Cover Letter Writing Services are designed with the aim of providing you with a compelling  letter of introduction focusing on:- 

  • Notifying the reader of your interest in the position 
  • Highlighting your background and compatibility with the  position 
  • Expressing why you are the ideal applicant, i.e. what makes you stand out 
  • Engaging the reader and encouraging them to respond to your application

How do we do this? 

At your consultation, we will discuss and determine your:- 

  • Who the letter will be addressed to as outlined in the job ad
  • What  experience, skills & knowledge you have to support your application
  • When you require the letter by
  • Why you want to apply for this position
  • Why should the employer or recruiter select you over other applicants
  • How you perceive that you match the criteria and fit into the company; and
  • Any additional information that will assist in creating your cover letter
from which  your 1 or 2 page Employment  Cover Letter will be  produced.
Cover Letter Writing Services

Employment Expressions of Interest (EOI)

Our Expression of Interest Services are designed to assist you in responding to one of three (3) employment scenarios in which an EOI is necessitated. 


  • Unsolicited job application, applying to a company that has not advertised
  • Applying for an internal position, whether vertical or horizontal.
  • Formally requested by a public or private sector organisation as part of their recruitment and selection process 

Expression of Interest (EOI) Content and  Length: – 

The content and length of your Expression of Interest will vary depending on your needs and the organisation’s requirements.  As a general rule of thumb, EOIs range from 2 to 5  pages; they are a formal sales pitch – a document that highlights your competencies, professional background, strengths, value-adding experiences (achievements), and your reason for seeking employment with the organisation or why you consider yourself to be the best candidate.

Resume Writing Services Clients By Occupation

Resumes and Curriculum Vitae (CVs)

Our Resumes – CVs Writing Services are designed to professionally capture and clearly communicate your professional history to prospective employers and recruitment or talent consultants.

We have created Resumes – CV’s for :-

  • High School Students seeking their first casual or part-time position
  • Apprentices and Trainees
  • Graduates
  • Professionals – Corporate  and  Trades 
  • Professionals   with Project Based backgrounds
  • Academics

We can help you:- 

  • Create a new Resume – CV
  • Update your existing Blu Ripples Resume – CV
  • Critique your existing Resume – CV and provide verbal feedback
Blu Ripples Selection Criteria Writing Services

Selection Criteria 

Our Selection Criteria Writing Services are designed to help you clearly and concisely communicate your professional statement of claim by demonstrating how you meet the employer’s  criteria.

We have prepared Selection Criteria responses for individuals seeking employment opportunities in (but not limited to):- 

  • Charitable Organisations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Health and Social Assistance
  • National  and Multi-National Organisations (Private Sector)
  • Public Sector (Government Departments and Agencies)

We can help you by:-

  • Collaboratively exploring your professional and academic history
  • Assisting you to identify demonstratable examples of your work 
  • Preparing written responses utilising the STAR Method
Our Career Consulting Process

Our Career Consulting  process incorporates a one-on-one Employment Assessment consultation, during this process  we will: –

  • Listen to your job search goals, objectives, timeframe and narrative
  • Collaboratively identify the requirements of the position
  • Ask questions regarding your professional background, skills and achievements
  • Formulate a plan of action to strategise, harness and market the power of you

      and either: –

  • Create a new pre-employment document(s); or
  • Critique your existing documentation and provide verbal feedback to you

Following your consultation, we will review our consultation notes and create your new employment documentation, relaying your professional narrative with a bit of spit and polish. Our focus is highlighting your professional experiences, key transferable skills and achievements relevant to the job advertisement to effectively harness and market you  to prospective employers and recruitment consultants.

Ready To Revitalise Your Employment Documentation?

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