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Career Assessments - Self-Assessment tools designed to provide you with career, preference, skills and interest insights

Career Assessment Instruments

Textual career tools designed to help you ponder a series of statements for the purposes of self awareness, development and decision-making

The paper-based Career Assessments we administer are designed to provide you with a self-assessment tool that provides meaningful feedback based on how you respond to a series of statements and or ranking scales; and to open the doorway for discussions, insights and decision-making.

What Career Assessments Do Blu Ripples Use?

We offer eleven (11) career-workplace instruments that assess a different area per instrument; that is your: –

  • Ability to Accept New Ideas and Change
  • Ability to Manipulate and Control Others (required for certain occupations)
  • Activity Preferences
  • Career Anchors (motives, values, self-perception of competencies)
  • Conflict Resolution Style
  • Current Job Satisfaction Outcomes
  • Locus of Control – Job Satisfaction and Achievement Tendencies
  • Management Communication Skills
  • Occupational Interests
  • Workplace Environment Preferences
  • Workplace Needs
How Do I Access the Vocational Assessments?

The instruments can be: – 

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instrumentsthere are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to before proceeding.

Do You Have a Question Regarding The Vocational Assessment Instrumentation We Administer?
Please call Katherine to talk about any questions you may have about our Vocational Assessment Instruments or our Psychometric Profiling Services.
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