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Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Deck (Combination)

(5 customer reviews)


The combination package of the Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Deck offers a potent, versatile, user-friendly resource for adults grappling with everyday stress or crises.

Crafted by first-time author Katherine Foster, drawing on her lived experiences and professional background as a Counsellor and Career Development Specialist, this comprehensive resource aims to provide comfort, inspiration, and a reliable support structure around the clock.

Together, the Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Deck deliver a range of benefits, enabling users to:

• Explore, identify, and apply preferred self-care strategies and coping skills.
• Establish, track, and monitor the action, outcomes, and effectiveness of self-care strategies.
• Create a visual and motivational focal point for reference.
• Focus on taking positive and meaningful self-soothing steps for calm and support.
• Distract and ground themselves from challenging situations or negative thoughts.
• Engage their inquisitive mind.
• Increase their sense of self-confidence, resilience, and self-efficacy (self-belief).
• Independently support their physical and mental health, while also providing resource and referral information if needed.
• Develop and implement a meaningful Self-Care Resource, Self-Care Toolkit, and Self-Care Plan.



Your beautiful and engaging Self-Care Combination Package contains: –


  • 1 x Self-Care Workbook contains 196 Pages
  • 1 x Self-Care Card Deck contains 43 imagery cards and three information cards.



Pre-launch reviewers, including professionals and individuals, stated the  Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Set – Awareness, Action and Planning combination package is “Wonderful” and “Beautiful” and that they “love the layout” and “are keen to use” the products.

A few riveting reviews from individuals and professionals include: –

  • “The way you have written the books and cards, I think a teenager would benefit from them too.”
  • “I can see the benefit of the book and cards for a wide range of individuals, including those who are experiencing stress and burnout, individuals who find it difficult to identify and use emotions, e.g. someone on the spectrum, individuals who have had an emotional breakdown or are in recovery and trying to re-establish healthy self-care habits”.
  • A Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor with over 30 years experience stated the Self-Care package “It is Very Very Good.  No changes necessary in my view. It Leads people into a very effective self-care and can be used by both professionals and lay people very easily.”


  • Adults 18+ years


  • Australian Dollars (AUD) are set by the Publisher


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5 reviews for Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Deck (Combination)

  1. Kristy Mounsey

    Katherine’s book and card set are a beautiful reminder of how to care for our heart and soul. When we do not care for ourselves, we can not be present in the world for ourselves or our loved ones. Many of the techniques we are familiar with but can forget to use in times of stress. The workbook takes up through step by step things I didn’t know, like how to create a baseline for ourselves to help us measure our wellbeing. Another thing that struck me as invaluable is the referrals to professionals in times of crisis. Too many self-help resources do not recognise their own limits and when a person needs professionals. The workbook acts as a guide and a place to tune into our own wisdom. For these reasons, as a peer worker and as an emotional CPR educator, I would highly recommend Katherine’s book and cards. This would be invaluable for ourselves and our loved ones.

    Kristy, Peer Worker and Emotional CPR Educator

  2. Alfred Bellanti

    Katherine has published a beautiful artistic self help and therapeutic resource that is both artistic and based on sound psychological science. This workbook and card set combination can be used as a self help tool or as a therapeutic tool for your clients. Highly recommended.

    Hypnotherapist (Retired) and Author

  3. Felicity

    Katherine’s book and cards are a beautiful and consumable resource for anyone. I love that all the activities are small or scalable and reusable and that there are check ins. It is a great toolkit to create habits for self care and for checking in regularly with your thoughts.

  4. admin

    Congratulations!  What an amazing body of work! Worth all the effort and toil!

    So comprehensive and useful. Bringing together so many vital ideas, concepts and practices.

    I love the self-care toolkit, self-care plan template, all the chapters, assessment and outcomes and the ability to write notes.

    Really love the cards as well – great to shuffle, select and reflect!
    I’m looking forward to delving into the products even more in coming weeks.

    Catherine C. Career Development Consultant, Hunter Region NSW

    Testimonial Received Via E-mail 12 March 2024; uploaded by Blu Ripples

  5. Wendy Woods

    Wow congratulations Katherine. The book and card absolutely compliment each other. The workbook is easy to follow and the cards compliment the the self care practices in the workbook. The set is a must have for anyone who has a lot of adversity in their life. I highly recommend that anyone who has had countless lessons in adversity in this lifetime, use these resources as a reminder where we are now from where we came. This set would be a great resource for psychiatrists, counsellors etc. Congratulations

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