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Self-Care Card Deck

(2 customer reviews)


Introducing the exquisite 43-piece Self Care Card Deck, featuring a blend of photographic and graphic artwork imagery along with insightful guidance. This deck is not just visually appealing but also a practical, textural, and tactile Self-Care tool designed for adults by drawing on the author’s personal experiences and professional background.

The Self-Care Card Deck serves as a valuable resource during periods of stress, crisis, and everyday challenges, offering a means of reflection and action. It acts as a source of self-support and encouragement while provoking thoughtful introspection.

When paired with the Self-Care Workbook, this Card Deck becomes a potent, practical, and easily comprehensible Self Care tool. It serves as a guide for repeated reference, aiding in the identification, implementation, and monitoring of positive Self-Care strategies and tailored plans. This process is designed to enhance self-confidence, self-efficacy, and resilience while simultaneously reducing stress, providing room to breathe, process, and move forward meaningfully.


Your Beautiful, Amazing, High Quality Self-Care Card Set contains: –


  • 1 x Self-Care Card Deck Box
  • 1 x Set Self-Care Cards comprising of 43 photographic and graphic image cards; and three information cards.

The typical response among pre-sales reviewers is “I Love The Cards”; with numerous individuals noting how they feel drawn to the images and cards, that the cards are “Beautiful”, “Stunning”, “I Love The Card Stock” and others stating “They Know Me So Well” and “I’m Super Impressed”.

Some compelling feedback responses from individuals include: –

  • “I am a collector of cards; the imagery is amazing; I have never seen anything like it.  The card stock is high quality, that is really important for people like me”.
  • “I like the Power of 5 Card (Card 5); I had never thought of this and laminating and carrying it with me.”
  • “Just found your cards and went through them with my niece – we are both super impressed!!! They look fab printed (nice card stock), and your instructions are concise and easy to read.
  • “I love the cards with the Black Dog (Card 9. Create Your Own Family); that is what I have done with my friends and dog.”
  • “I like Card 10 (Do Not Make A Decision For 24 To 48 Hours). I have never seen this in another card deck, and it reminds me to take time before responding.”
  • “Love them and even picked this card (Card 35. Time To Get Creative) lol, so pretty much knows me well.”
  • “The Book and Card Set are beautiful; I have told my friends and am going to show them next week”.
  • Adults 18+ years
  • Australian Dollars (AUD), set by the Publisher.


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2 reviews for Self-Care Card Deck

  1. Kate Holbert

    These amazing Self-care cards are just perfect. Katherine has done an amazing job

  2. J McAlary

    After reviewing the self care cards during my facilitation of Mental Health First Aid, I was impressed at how validated I felt by simply skimming through each of the cards. It’s almost as though they provide permission for the user to do what they need to do for themselves. There is a compilation of fantastic strategies and worth having on hand to remind us of the resources in our tool kit for taking care of ourselves. Congratulations to Katherine on putting together a great package of resources.

    Mental Health First Aid Trainer

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