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Career Development Report Testimonials- Blu Ripples

Career Development Report Testimonials

Learn what valuable Career Insights clients received to make informed Career Exploration, Planning and Transition decisions; Change Your Life For The Better
Career Development Report – 2 Years On – My Son is Doing Well And Is Studying

Hi Katherine, I am just wondering if you are still doing the Career Development Reports and Aptitude Testing.  My youngest son came to see you a couple of years ago and has really found his career direction.  Prior to seeing you he was struggling with I.T. and now he has completed his Certificate III in Community Services, is currently studying Certificate IV and is planning on undertaking the Diploma next year.  From there he is keen to undertake the pathway program for university. In fact, after picking up the report we took our son to see a Psychologist who stated that the Blu Ripples Career Development Report you prepared was “very impressive and thorough!” I said “I thought so too”.  As a result of this Psychologist reading your report they were able to pick up key pieces of information to help our son on his educational journey – he is doing so well now!  Because of my youngest sons success, I am now wanting to help my other son find his career direction.  Katherine, I know this process could really help him, are you still doing the aptitude testing – Career Development Report?

Career Development Report – A Mum’s Feedback, Youth (Young Adult) Client – 2 Years On, Dubbo, Orana Region NSW

Career Development Report – The Report Opened My Eyes To Things That Are Out There

The initial consultation period I (Katherine) asked the client (as I do all Career Development Report Clients),”What is your short term goal for the Career Development Report and our time together?”.  The client replied (as many do) – “To help me get unstuck; to figure out how to move forward”.   At the completion of our third consultation (Report Presentation Session), I asked the client for some verbal feedback in regards to the process and the report and this is what he said: – “It definitely opened my eyes; to things (careers) that are out there, it gave me a clearer outlook on what I want to go into in terms of career”.  When I asked the client about the options presented in the report he stated that “there are three key positions that I am interested in perusing”.  If you look back at what this clients initial goal was to help him get unstuck and to figure out how to move forward this was achieved in the clients own words.

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Central Coast NSW

Career Development Report – Delivered On My Expectations! 

When I initially contact you, we had seen our School Career Advisor but were disappointed in the outcomes; they offered nothing like what you do (Career Development Report).  Our 16 year old son is currently in Year 11 and is lost with respect to what he wants to do when he leaves school.  He is smart, however, he struggles a little bit with sequencing due to a pre-existing medical condition.  The Career Development Report you generated confirmed a lot of information, some of which confirmed previous findings through other professionals and also our knowledge of our son.  Other parts opened our eyes with respect to considerations, new pathways and career options (that we had not previously considered).  In short the report delivered based on our initial telephone conversation, my son, husband and I are looking forward to reading the report more thoroughly when we get home.

Career Development Report – A Mum’s Feedback; Teenage (Son) – High School Student Client, Thornton, Maitland Region NSW

Career Development Report You Steered My Son In The Right Direction – Thank You!

My son (early 20s) read your website and asked for this process (Career Development Report) to occur as he lacked direction, not only did you put him in the drivers’ seat, you put his foot on the pedal and steered him in the right direction.  Thank You

Career Development Report – A Mum’s Feedback; Youth – Young Adult Client; Broadmedow, Newcastle Region NSW

Career Development Report – I Gained Greater Insight Into Me

The Career Development Report process required me to think.  It asked me lots of questions I had never thought of before.  As a result, I gained greater insight into me; what I want, what I can do and what I  still need to do (professional development) in order to achieve my career goals.

Career Development Report – Youth – Young Adult Client; Broadmedow, Newcastle Region NSW

Career Development Report Gave Me Confidence, Direction and Focus – It Worked For Me!

Hi Katherine, When I first came to see you, to help me figure out my career pathway I came to you thinking I would be interested in been a Handyman.  In Session 2, when we started working with the Career Card Sorters, Teaching grabbed my interest.  It is something that has cropped up every now and then, but it is not something I truly considered but now I am passionate about following through with this pathway, to empower young people.    The Career Development Report process changed me, it has given me Confidence, Direction and Focus. It worked for me!! As for the report (contents), it is more in-depth than I expected and I am looking forward to reading it through at work and at home over the next week or so.  I will recommend you to my colleagues, who are also looking to get out of our current industry.  Thank You.

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Weston, Cessnock City Region NSW

The Career Development Report has given me lots of career options and pathways.  At this point in time (at the point of pick up) there is no one career pathway that jumps out at me.  However, there are several options that I am interested in following up including finishing my Degree.  The Career Development ReportCareer Planning Sessions were so helpful; the finished report accurately describes me, it identifies my natural strengths, talents and skills; as well as providing baselines from which I can grow and develop; I am looking forward to going home and reading the report in more detail.  Oh by the way, I told my sister what I have been doing with you and now she wants to come and see you too.

Career Development Report Adult Client, Newcastle NSW 

Career Development Report – Spot On And So Helpful!

Before I undertook the Career Development Report process, I was considering getting out of the house and undertaking routine jobs and careers that would provide an income but would not fulfil me or provide me with the lifestyle I wanted.  through this process I have learnt that it is important for me to find a career that I am passionate about otherwise I will just continue chopping and changing careers and courses.  the above was clearly demonstrated in the Personality Testing (MBTI/Majors PTi) outcomes; that is, previously I thought the courses that I undertook were not holding me intellectually and yes this may have been part of the equation but it was not the principle reason.  I learnt that my personality type needs to have a passion for study, career and roles – that is, I need to wholeheartedly believe in the outcomes otherwise I will continue my chopping and changing behaviour.   Katherine, the Career Development Report reinfoced things that I already knew about myself, provided insights, guidance and pathways.  I could never have done this by myself.  The Psychometrics (Career Interest and Personality) Testing aspect was spot on and the Labour Market (Job Market) statistics, information and pay rates were so helpful and tailored to my career interests, strengths and circumstances.  Katherine, I could never have found these resources or analysed it myself.  Thank You

Career Development Report – A Mum (Adult Client), Anna Bay, Port Stephens NSW

Career Development Report – The Report  Is Very Accurate – Thank You For Your Support

Katherine, when I first met you I had chills running up and down my arms, you were so very accurate with your assessment of my personality and situation.  Thank you for your ongoing support and follow up during the Career Development Report process.  I am very happy with the outcome and am looking forward to reviewing the report again when I get home.  Oh by the way Katherine, can you help me with my CV-Resume?

Career Development Report Mid-Career (Management) Transition Client; Wyong, Central Coast NSW

Career Development Report Great Insights

The Career Development Report is a highly tailored and individualised to the needs of each client and provides a comprehensive overview of baselines, options and strategies.  We are happy with the outcome of our teenage sons’ report and can tell that a lot of work has gone into this report; I only wish I had the opportunity to do this myself 30 years ago as it provides great insight.

Career Development Report – A Dad’s Thank You, Teenage Client, Dubbo, Orana NSW 

Career Development Report I am Happy and Feel I Am On The Right Path (Teenager)

Before coming to see Katherine, I was highly interest in a career in Information Technology (I.T.).  However, I struggled with the course content and pulled out.  I was lost and unsure as to what i should do – career wise.  Mum and Dad found Blu Ripples online and we drove 3.5 – 4 hours from home (Dubbo) to see Katherine in Port Stephens, after initially speaking with her on the telephone.   I found the process really good.  It really laid things out for me.  I now understand my personality, learning style, career and workplace preferences and options.  As a result of meeting with Katherine over several sessions (via telephone, Skype and in person), I am now considering different career options, I am happy and feel I am on the right path to finding my answers.

Career Development Report Teenage Client, Dubbo, Orana Area, NSW

Career Development Report – So Very Accurate and Helpful!

Thank you for starting us on this (career planning) journey (with my teenage daughter – 19 years old), we found the process and the tailored Career Development Report very accurate and helpful.

Career Development Report, A Parents Feedback, Adamstown, Newcastle NSW

Career Development Report – I am So Very Happy With The Career Report

Katherine, I chose to come and see you because I wanted a detailed career report; I had spoken to other Career Counsellors and Consultants but they just seemed to be very broad in their approach and that did not appeal to me.  I am so very happy with the outcome of my Career Development Report It has reinforced a few things, given me a couple of things to think about and provided the direction and information I needed and wanted.  In fact, I mentioned your services to my brother and friend and they are very interested in coming to have their own report done.

Career Development Report– Young Adult Client, Hunter Region NSW

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Katherine for helping my husband (Career Development Report)

Career Development Report – A Wife’s Thank You, West Pennant Hills, Sydney NSW 

Career Development Report Clear Direction and Purpose (High School Student)

Prior to undertaking the Career Development Report process I felt that I lacked a clear career direction; I found the Career Development Report process to be so valuableI now have a clear direction and sense of purpose.  Thank you

High School Student – Teenage Client, Picnic Point, Sydney NSW

Career Development Report WOW WOW WOW – Highly Impressed!

I am so highly impressed by the Career Development Report, from the consultation to the testing phase through to the presentation of my comprehensive Career Development Report Wow Wow Wow!

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Fern Bay, Port Stephens NSW

Career Development Report Comprehensive, Thorough and Tailored – Worth Every Penny!

After working overseas for 5 years, I arrived back home (Australia) to a job that did not fulfill me anymore.  I felt hemmed in, frustrated, confused and bored.  Then, one day I saw Katherine‘s ad (Blu Ripples) and contacted her to enquire about her Career Counselling and Career Development Report Services in an effort to find career clarity and direction; and to answer some personal and professional questions.  Katherine provided me with the time and space to explore my past, present and future; to help me identify my goals and answer a lot of questions that had been going around and around in my head.  At first, I was a little bit worried about how much the Career Development Report would be based on generalisations, as Katherine explained to me that some of the career interest and aptitude tests gave statistical responses.  I needn’t have worried though, I found the report to be comprehensive, thorough and tailored to my individual circumstances – it described me to a “T” and well the statistical aspect complimented Katherine’s findings.  Overall, I found the Career Development Report provided me with a clear direction, it answered a lot of questions, gave me food for thought and confidence in myself.  In short, I highly recommend the investment (both time and financial) it is worth every penny!

Career Development Report, Expat (Adult Client), Sydney NSW

Career Development Report Exceptional! A Journey of Self Discovery That Exceeded My Precise and Extremely High Expectations

I feel that I am currently at a crossroads in my life and subsequently on a journey of self-discovery; hence, I sought Blu Ripples  assistance to help me along the way – professionally speaking.  I believe the Career Development Report Katherine (Blu Ripples) produced was exceptional and that it exceeded my precise and extremely high expectations; both the report and verbal presentation were very professional and thorough.

I truly believe I got the professional help and guidance I needed,I can definitely say without a doubt that I do not know anyone or of anyone who can do what you do to such a detailed, precise and professional standard.  I am so much richer for the experience.

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Sydney NSW

Career Development Report The Report Provided Career Guidance and Direction

I recently undertook the Career Development Report process with Blu Ripples and just wanted to say how much the report has helped me.  As a result I would highly recommend Blu Ripples to others seeking Career Guidance and Direction.

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Upper Muswellbrook, Hunter Region NSW

Career Development Report It Opened My Eyes; Gave Me A Sense Of Direction and Focus

My Career Development Report was spot on; that is, it described with accuracy my personality, interests, abilities and career path options It gave me a sense of direction and focus, it confirmed some of my previous considerations and opened my eyes to alternatives that I may not have considered but peak my interest. Katherine, I am really looking forward to going home and reading the report in more detail – I can say without a doubt that I will be pursuing one of the careers outlined in the report.   Thank you Katherine (Blu Ripples) for everything.

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Cessnock NSW 

Career Development Report Highly Professional And Kind

It would be fair to say that my career to date has been very unstable; my friends have great-paying jobs and I have really struggled (I’m a little jealous if truth be told).  I have chopped and changed positions and industries numerous times (I am in my mid 30’s). When I first contacted Blu Ripples (Katherine) I was in a position that was highly stressful in its demands, there was no work-life balance or opportunities as promised at the interview about 18 months beforehand – I was feeling very low and worthless.   When I contacted Blu Ripples to make general enquiries regarding the price and procedure for Career Counselling and the Career Development Report process I found Katherine to be highly professional and kind.   Katherine gave me her time and answered all my questions.  At the end of our conversation, I said to Katherine that I needed to speak to my wife about the cost as we were only one wage at the time and things were a little tight.  Katherine was very understanding and encourage me to take my time and offered to speak to my wife if she had any questions.  My wife called the following day and Katherine answered all her questions in the same caring and professional manner.  After my wife spoke to Katherine she was still a little worried about the cost so I did some more research and found what Katherine offered no one could match in terms of cost or the process.   I saved some money and called Katherine back a month later to make an appointment.  When Katherine presented my Career Development Report I was over the moon; it was like all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me; all those little niggly questions in the back of my mind were answered and explained in a clear and concise manner.  The report was so comprehensive yet precise.  Blu Ripples Career Development Report is the best thing I have done for me in a long time and well worth the investment, both time and money.  I have found the clarity and direction I was looking for all this time.  I have no hesitation recommending Blu Ripples (Katherine).

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Pendle Hill, Sydney NSW 

Career Development Report Totally Stoked! So Many Choices – Totally Happy

Totally stoked! I really was not sure what to expect as I really didn’t have any clear idea about what I wanted to do before undertaking the Career Development Report.  The Career Development Report gave me so much information and so many choices.  I can not wait to get home and read it in detail.  I am so totally happy!

Career Development Report, Adult Client, Merewether, Newcastle NSW 

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