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Cover Letter Writing Services

Cover Letter Writing Services

Together, we will capture, highlight and professionally introduce you to prospective employers in a clear, concise and engaging employment document.

Our Cover Letter Writing Services’ key focus is to: – 

  • Professionally introduces you to prospective employers and or recruitment consultants
  • Notify the reader of your interest in the position and why
  • Highlight your background and compatibility with the advertised position and or organisation
  • Actively engage the reader and encourage them to respond to your application

In a clear and concise, tailored employment cover letter highlighting and promoting you to the reader. 

How Can Blu Ripples Cover Letter Writing Services Help Me?

We can help you prepare the following tailored employment letters:- 

  • 1 Page Employment Cover Letter
  • 2 Page Employment Cover Letter
  • Expression of Interest (EOI); maximum 2 pages
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) incorporation Employment Summary; maximum 5 pages
Point of Initial Enquiry

At your point of initial enquiry please have a copy of the job advertisement in front of you.

This will help you to discuss:-

  • Your needs
  • Employers requirements
  • Project Timeframe


  • Assist us in effectively guiding you if you have any clarification questions relating to how to respond to the job advertisement.
Our Consultation Process 

Our one-on-one career consultation process is designed to discuss and determine: – 

  • Who  will the letter be addressed to, as outlined in the job advertisement.
  • What  relevant experience, skills and knowledge you have to support your application.
  • When  you require the letter by.
  • Why  you want to apply for this position.
  • Why  should the prospective employer or recruiter select you over other applicants.
  • How  you perceive that you match the employer’s criterion.
  • How you feel you will fit into the organisation. 
  • Any  additional information that will assist in the creation of your cover letter.
Length of Your Consultation

The length of the consultation period varies on several factors, including whether or not we have concurrently prepared your CV, the type of employment cover letter you require, the advertised requirements of the position and your ability to clearly and concisely communicate your responses.

As a general rule of thumb, consultations can range from 15 – 30 minutes for a 1-page non-management cover letter (in which we have concurrently prepared your Resume) and up to 2+ hours for an Expression of Interest Consultation; thus, the consultation timeframe depends upon your situation and the complexity of the document.

We will provide you with a better indication of time and fees based on your circumstances at your initial point of enquiry.

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