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Defence Career Counselling - PEAP Program


Empowering and Supporting Defence Personnel partners through career transition by fostering positive self-belief, knowledge and job search confidence

Career Services for Defence Personnel Partners

Defence Career Counselling and PEAP Services

At Blu Ripples, we offer Career Counselling and Employment Assistance services specifically designed for defence personnel partners. Conveniently located just a short 10-minute drive from Newcastle Airport and Williamtown RAAF Base in the Port Stephens – Newcastle NSW region, our services are aimed at helping you commence or re-establish your career after your partner’s relocation.

Professional Employment Services

As an eligible partner of an Australian Defence Force (ADF) member, you have the opportunity to access a range of professional employment services up to the value of $1500.00 per posting. These services are designed to assist you in sourcing meaningful employment opportunities and are in alignment with the Partner Employment Assistance Programs (PEAP) guidelines (click on the link below).

Blu Ripples is proud to be a provider of choice for the PEAP program. We can help you strategically plan and navigate your career by delivering one or more of our services or products.  

PEAP Services

Our PEAP Services include:

Career Counselling

Katherine is here to talk through your career options based on your background, skills, and interests. We can help you build or refine your job search techniques and strategies, as well as prepare for interviews by providing meaningful tips and strategies.

Career Consulting Services

If you need assistance with your Resume, CV, Selection Criteria, or Cover Letter, our Career Consulting Services are here to help. We can prepare or critique your application documents, as well as create an online professional profile for you, such as on LinkedIn.

Career Interest Foundation Report

Our Career Interest Foundation Report assesses and provides a concise written report on career options and pathways based on your background, skills, and interests. We administer and report on psychometric instrumentation outcomes, such as career interest testing, to provide you with valuable insights.

Key Transferable Skills Report

Identifying and highlighting your key transferable skills and knowledge is crucial in today’s competitive job market. Our key transferable skills report can help you identify and report on these skills, giving you a competitive edge in your job search.

Labour Market Analysis Report

Reviewing laour market data can provide valuable insights into growth opportunities in the local area. Our labour market analysis services can help you identify these opportunities and tailor your job search accordingly.

To learn more about each category, simply click on the headings (e.g., Career Counselling) to be taken to the relevant page.

How To Proceed

If you are the loved one of an Australian Defence member and your partner meets the eligibility criteria for the PEAP program, you can follow these steps to access our “Provider of Choice” career services:

Step 1. 

Determine your Eligibility with the Defence

Step 3. 

Decide which service or combination of services you would like to apply for (Provider of Choice Option)

Step 4. 

Determine your funding limit with the Defence

Step 5. 

Contact Blu Ripples to discuss your needs, timeframe and appointment preference

Step 6. 

Blu Ripples will prepare and send you a copy of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which you will Submit to Defence with your Application form

Step 7. 

Submit your SLA to Defence along with your PEAP Application

Step 8. 

Upon Defence authorisation, please contact us to schedule your Defence Approved  Services.

Step 9. 

Attend your first session in accordance with your approved PEAP Services

Experience and Expertise

Blu Ripples has been providing PEAP services to partners of ADF personnel since 2018. Katherine has helped numerous participants access a wide range of career services, including Resume/CV Writing, Selection Criteria and Employment Cover Letter Writing, Career Interest Survey, Key Transferable Skills, Psychometric Profiling (Testing) (MBTI/Majors PTi and JVISEmployment Options and Placement Advice, Job Search Strategies, and more.

While our range of services may have expanded and changed over time, Blu Ripples remains committed to providing professional and tailored career services to meet the current “Provider of Choice” options.

Support for Ex-Defence Members and Defence Contractors

Blu Ripples also extends its Career Counselling and Career Consulting Services to ex-defence members and defence contractors. Although you will not meet the eligibility criteria for the PEAP program, we are here to support you in finding a positive and meaningful way forward in the civilian workforce. With our expertise and experience, we can help you navigate your career transformation.

If you’re ready to commence your career transition, contact Blu Ripples today. Katherine is dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals and finding success in the civilian workforce.

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