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Blu Ripples Labour Market Report

Labour Market Analysis Report

A brief report created to help you source, understand and apply Australian labour market data in your career exploration, career planning, job search or career transition phase

Our Labour Market Analysis Report Service has been created to help you source, interpret and apply Australian job market information in your career exploration, career planning, job search or workforce transition phase.

Target Audience

The Labour Market Analysis Report is principally aimed at workforce participation population members (individuals) who are seeking to: – 

  • Change jobs or occupations
  • Enter the workforce
  • Relocate to a new region, city or state
  • Understand the going market rates ($), skills and criteria (requirements of the role to earn the going rate)
  • Undertake some research about remuneration (pay) rates

However, the Labour Market Report may also benefit Employers, specifically decision-makers and managers, e.g. HR Managers for Recruitment and Selection, Remuneration and Benefits purposes.

Labour Market Report Process 

Working together over a series of 2 x 1-on-1  career consultations sessions (Stage 1 & 3), we will undertake the following in each stage: –

Stage 1. Intake Session

Intake Session incorporates:-

  • 1 x 1 Hour Session
  • Establishing  career pathway goals
  • Identify 1 region or area you wish to explore
  • Considering  our Duty of Care, Codes of Conduct and ethical considerations 
  • Exploring  your narrative (history) 
  • Establishing baselines from your perspective

Stage 2. Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis process:-

Behind the scenes, (between Stage 1 and 3) we will source*, analyse, and disseminate labour market information based on your goals and needs established in your intake session.

NB. * Based on the availability data, time allocated to sourcing, analysing and disseminating information. 

Stage 3.   Presentation

Presentation Session incorporates:-

  • Verbal Presentation 
  • 1 x Hard Copy of Report
NB.    Content and length will vary as the Labour Market  Report is customised to your goals, needs and the availability of data.  As a guide your report can range from 3 to 5 pages per region.   The approximate time frame for the presentation of your report is 1 hour.
Can You Tell Me A Little More About The Information Contained In The Report?

The disseminated content of the Labour Market Analysis Report, as detailed in the Labour Market Report Process – Stage 3 section, will vary subject to your goals, needs and data availability. As a general rule of thumb, your report may include data about: –

  • Education statistics for the population of the region
  • Employment statistics
  • Industry employers in your region
  • Medium Income levels for regions or occupations (jobs)
  • Occupations held by the population in your area
  • Skills Shortages or Priority List information (region, state and national)
  • Unemployment rate
Why Is Understanding Labour Market Information Important?

Understanding Labour Market Information,  in all aspects of your career life-cycle phase,  is important for several reasons. For example, Labour Market Information can provide you with objective job market information to assist you in:-  

  • Establishing realistic employment and educational baselines and goals
  • Recognising state and national skills priorities 
  • Identifying employment opportunities based on growth, decline or emerging job trends
  • Formulating career and educational decisions based on job market trends and skills priorities
  • Pinpointing employment sectors within your geographical area (subject to availability)
  • Considering and concluding whether relocating is a viable employment option for you  
  • Verifying and comparing remuneration levels (pay rates) 
  • Negotiating remuneration (pay) rates, terms and conditions of employment 
  • Determining whether additional education will provide a return on investment

And thereby provide you with the confidence to make meaningful short and long-term career and employment  decisions.

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