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Labour Market Report

Labour Market Analysis Report

A brief report created to help you source, understand and apply Australian labour market data in your career exploration, career planning, job search or career transition phase

Labour Market Analysis Report

Navigating The Australian Job Market

Our Labour Market Analysis (LMA) Report Service has been created to assist individuals in sourcing, interpreting, and applying Australian job market information. Whether you are exploring new career options, planning your career path, searching for a job, or transitioning into a new workforce, our report can provide valuable insights to guide your decisions.

Target Audience: Who Can Benefit from the LMA Report?

The Labour Market Analysis Report is primarily aimed at individuals who are part of the workforce participation population and seeking to:

  • Change jobs or occupations
  • Enter the workforce
  • Relocate to a new region, city, or state
  • Understand the current market rates for salaries
  • Identify the skills and criteria required to earn the going rate
  • Conduct research on remuneration rates

However, the Lbour Market Report can also be beneficial to employers, particularly decision-makers and managers such as HR managers. It can aid in recruitment and selection processes, as well as determining remuneration and benefits.

The Labour Market Report Process: How It Works

Our Labour Market Analysis report service involves two one-on-one career consultation sessions. This process is designed to ensure that we gather all the necessary information and provide you with a comprehensive report tailored to your needs.

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

During the first consultation session, a 1-hour session, we will gather information about your career pathway goals, aspirations, and current circumstances. This will help us understand your specific needs and ensure that the report addresses your unique requirements.

Stage 2: Data Collection and Analysis

After the initial consultation, Katherine will conduct extensive research and collect relevant data from various sources. We will analyse this information to provide you with accurate and up-to-date insights into the Australian job market.

Stage 3: Report Generation

Once the data analysis is complete, we will compile all the findings into a comprehensive labour market analysis report. This report will contain valuable information on job trends, salary ranges, in-demand skills, and other relevant factors that can impact your career decisions.

Stage 4: Final Consultation – Presentaion

In the final consultation session, we will present the labour market analysis report to you. Katherine will explain the key findings and provide guidance on how to interpret and apply the information to your specific career goals. We will also address any questions or concerns you may have.

Information Contained In Labour Market Analysis Report

The labour market analysis report provides a wealth of information, based on your goals, needs and availability data to help you make informed career decisions. Some of the key insights you can expect to find in the report include:

  • Education statistics for the population of the region
  • Employment statistics
  • Industry employers in your region
  • Medium Income levels for regions or occupations (jobs)
  • Occupations held by the population in your area
  • Skills Shortages or Priority List information (region, state and national)
  • Unemployment rate

Why Is Understanding Labour Market Information Important?

Understanding Labour Market Information,  in all aspects of your career life-cycle phase,  is important for several reasons. For example, Labour Market Information can provide you with objective job market information to assist you in:-  

  • Considering and concluding whether relocating is a viable employment option for you
  • Determining whether additional education will provide a return on investment
  • Establishing realistic employment and educational baselines and goals
  • Formulating career and educational decisions based on job market trends and skills priorities
  • Identifying employment opportunities based on growth, decline or emerging job trends 
  • Negotiating remuneration (pay) rates, terms and conditions of employment 
  • Pinpointing employment sectors within your geographical area (subject to availability) 
  • Recognising state and national skills priorities 
  • Verifying and comparing remuneration levels (pay rates) Pand for employers, it can assist in:- 

For employers labour market information may assist in:-

  • Identifying and understanding Industry Insights and Trends 
  • Organisational Development
  • Recruitment and Selection – Talent Acquisition and Talent Management
  • Remuneration and Benefits Decisions
  • Training, Learning and Development
  • Workforce Planning – Succession Planning – Strategic People Management

And thereby provide you with the confidence to make meaningful short and long-term career and employment  decisions.

Overall, understanding labour market information is essential for making informed career decisions, whether you are an individual seeking employment or an employer looking to attract and retain top talent.  Investing in our Labour Market Analysis Report Service can save you time and effort in your career exploration, planning, and job search. With accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and increase your chances of success in the competitive job market.

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