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Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Majors PTi

Providing you with an invaluable journey of self-discovery, Understanding and Acceptance of the who, what and why aspects of your personality - Getting to know you

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Majors PTi are both personality type instruments based on Carl Jung’s theory that identifies and investigates your personality type and behaviour by exploring four (4) dichotomies or, in everyday language, four (4) fundamental differences.

Upon completing your instrument, you will be presented with your type – one of sixteen types:-

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Benefits of MBTI and Majors PTi Instruments

Previous client outcomes have reported having ah ha moments, moments of clarity, understanding and self-discovery using the instruments. 

In short, the MBTI and Majors PTi personality type instruments are a powerful tool that can provide you with a wealth of personal and professional information to process, consider and action depending on your individual goal.

How Can the MBTI or Majors PTi Help Me?

The MBTI and Majors PTi instruments can potentially help individuals (you) and workplaces in several ways including but not limited to: –


  • Applying personality type knowledge to your  job applications and growth strategies
  • Building better relationships, professionally and personally
  • Creating effective employment documents, career plans, and profiles
  • Developing and implementing effective learning strategies and techniques to manage study
  • Exploring career pathways your personality type statistically gravitates towards
  • Fostering self-awareness, growth and development
  • Generating effective employment documentation, career plans and profiles
  • Identifying and exploring relationship and communication differences 
  • Opening the lines of communication for career and educational investigation
  • Pinpointing and investigating stressors, behaviours under stress, and coping strategies
  • Assisting in the development of well-being programs based on needs, not hypothesis
  • Capturing and maintaining professional relationships 
  • Creating and implementing effective learning and development strategies and plans
  • Developing, nurturing and monitoring talent 
  • Identifying team members’ strengths, skills, attributes and differences
  • Improving team cohesion and productivity
  • Minimising psychological injury claims by implementing tailored stress reduction strategies
  • Pinpointing signs and symptoms of stress and burnout in the workforce
  • Recognising and responding to recruitment and selection requirements
What MBTI and Majors PTi Qualifications Do You Have?

To purchase, administer, analyse and report on the MBTI and Majors PTi instrumentation, practitioners must meet educational criteria in terms of type accreditation and or formal academia.

Katherine possesses:-

  • ACER Education HR Certification
  • Myer Briggs Type Indicator Professional Accreditation 
  • Human Resource Qualifications

Please refer to the About Us page for further information about Katherine’s qualifications, accreditations, and certifications.

Other Personality Type Instruments We Administer

For clients and employers seeking information and insights into your Workplace Personality Type, we offer the  Workplace Personality Profile (WPI)

The Workplace Personality Profile (WPI) solely focuses on workplace traits and performance outcomes for individuals in non-management and leadership positions, as well as providing developmental insights for multi-disciplinary purposes, for example (but not limited to): – 

  • Leadership 
  • Learning and Development
  • Talent Management and Retention
  • Promotion
  • Succession Planning; and
  • Organisational Development 

To find out more about the Workplace Personality Index (WPI) click below:- 

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instrumentsthere are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to before proceeding.

MBTI or Majors PTI  Questions

Do you have a question regarding the MBTI or Majors PTi Instruments? 

Please call Katherine to discuss any questions you may have regarding the MBTI or Majors PTi Instrument or our Psychometric Profiling Services.

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