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Career Counselling Services - Career Counsellor Katherine Foster

Career Counselling

Sometimes life doesn't give you what you want, not because you don't deserve it but because you deserve so much more (Unknown); we can help you Discover your more!

Unpacking Your Career…….

How Career Counselling Can Help You

Understanding Your Career Journey

During our Career Counselling sessions, we will take the time to listen to you and understand your unique career journey. We will discuss your narrative and the factors that have brought you to this point in your career. By reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, we can gain a deeper understanding of your career baselines and address any gaps that need attention.

Developing Strategies for Success

Our goal is to help you develop appropriate strategies to move forward in a positive and meaningful way. Whether you have specific questions or concerns about your career or you simply need guidance in finding a work-life balance, we are here to provide the support and insights you need.

Exploring Your Personality and Interests

One of the key aspects of our Career Counselling approach is understanding who you are as an individual. We can explore your personality, aptitude, interests, and preferences to determine which occupations suit you best. Additionally, we can help you identify any necessary tertiary or development studies you may need to undertake to enter a new career or industry.

Navigating Career Challenges

Furthermore, we understand that there may be challenges or obstacles that you have encountered in your career. Whether you have been fired, made redundant, or overlooked for promotions, we can help you navigate these difficult situations and develop a plan to move forward. We can also provide guidance on when and how to disclose any medical or mental health conditions to employers or consultants per our area of expertise.

Tailoring Guidance to Your Unique Needs

In addition to addressing specific concerns, our career counselling goes beyond simply providing a list of career options. We aim to forge a connection with you and get to know the whole of you on a deep level. By understanding your professional and personal story and goals, we can tailor our career guidance to your unique needs.

Exploring Personal Experiences and Motivations

We also recognise that your past experiences, including any trauma, grief, or loss, may have shaped you and influenced your communication and interpersonal style. By exploring these experiences, we can gain insight into the types of environments and people you prefer to work with. Furthermore, we will delve into what motivates you, builds your confidence, and promotes positive self-belief.

Overcoming Obstacles and Breaking Patterns

Throughout the career counselling process, we will also address any fears, self-limiting beliefs, and behaviours that may be hindering your progress. We can help you identify potential triggers and non-productive coping strategies that need to be addressed. By tweaking non-productive workplace behaviours and breaking undesirable patterns, we can help you achieve your career goals.

Committed to Your Success

At Blu Ripples, Katherine is committed to helping you identify, explore, and achieve your realistic career goals. We believe in getting to know the genuine and authentic you, so we can provide the most effective guidance and support. If you need assistance in identifying and exploring your career options, pathways, and considerations, we are here to help.

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