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Card Sorts - Blu Ripples

Card Sorts

A visual psychometric tool to help you cognitively identify and process your thoughts, feelings, emotions, interests, values and skills

Card Sorter Cards are decks of flash-cards we use to help you think about and process your values; identify, categorise and rank patterns, themes, interests and skills that are:- 

  • Appealing to you on a professional and or personal level
  • Beneficial in creating your own job search criterion to compare and contrast opportunities
  • Demotivating or potentially would cause you to work in a non-preferred job or environment
  • Essential for you to optimise your career satisfaction 
  • Helpful in identifying interests that may assist in identifying hidden talents and skills 
  • Instrumental in managing stressful situations at work and or at home 
What Type of Card Sorts Does Blu Ripples Use?

We use, analyse and analyse four (4) card sorter instruments: – 

  • Career (Occupational)
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Knowdell Career Values 
  • Knowdell Motivational Skills
How Can They Help Me?

Card Sorters can help you identify appealing activities, skills and values in both a career and personal context.  


How Can I Access them 

You can access one or more of the sorters through either:- 

Career Counselling Session(s)

Card Development Report Process

Career Interest Foundation Report

Outplacement Services

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instruments, there are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to before proceeding.

Card Sorter Questions

Do you have a question regarding the Card Sorters we administer and analyse?

Please call Katherine to discuss any questions you may have regarding our Card Sorters and or our Psychometric Profiling Services.
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