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Personality Type

Personality Type

Providing you with a knowledge bank of personal and professional resources to understand yourself and others in terms of perceptions, thoughts and behaviours

Personality Type Instruments are a beneficial tool designed to provide insights into your personality characteristics (traits) based on your responses to various statements.

Benefits of Personality Type Instruments

Personality Profiling (Testing) is a powerful, comprehensive and insightful tool that will provide you with various personal and professional resources to understand yourself and others regarding perceptions, thoughts and behaviours. 

That is, by undertaking a journey of self-discovery, dependent on which instrumentation you select, you may gain insights, recognise, and understand your personal and or professional traits (including but not limited to) your: –

  • Personal strengths and weakness
  • Change management style
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Communication and interpersonal styles, including relationship differences
  • Preferred leisure pursuits, thus aiding in the reduction of stress
  • Planning and problem-solving capabilities
  • Team and leadership characteristics
  • Workplace style

or  in Personal Situations, you may gain insights into: – 

  • Building healthier and more satisfying relationships with partners, loved ones or colleagues
  • Identifying and navigating communication, interpersonal, career and academic pathways
  • Increasing your personal and professional awareness
  • Recognising stress triggers, behaviours and coping strategies
  • Understanding your personality or others including colleagues or loved ones

or  in the Workplace as an employer or employee, you may gain insights into:-

  • Fostering and promoting team cohesiveness and harmony
  • Increasing labour productivity and efficiency.
  • Improving management dexterity (capabilities)
  • Effectively recognising and responding to recruitment and selection needs.
  • Pinpointing skills, talents, abilities, frustration and limitations of individuals and teams to execute operative development and planning strategies to address requirements

Thus, by understanding your personality type and preferences, you can clearly and confidently communicate your needs and preferences to those around you, personally or professionally. Conversely, you will also increase your ability to understand the differences, needs and preferences of others more effectively. Thus, you will be able to deliver information in a way that they prefer, making them more receptive and responsive to your communication.  

Personality Type Instruments We Administer

Blu Ripples administers two (2) personality-type instruments: – 

Myer Briggs Type Indicator or Majors PTi

Workplace Personality Index (WPI)

How Can I Access Personality Type Instruments?

You can access personality instrumentation through one or more services: – 

Career Counselling Session

Card Development Report Process

Career Interest Foundation Report

Outplacement Services

Accessing Instrumentation – Logistical Considerations

Regarding logistics, both instruments are accessed through an online portal; thus, as long as you have a reliable, safe (secure) and private e-mail and internet connection, you can undertake the instrumentation at your preferred location around Australia or globally.

What Personality Type Qualifications Do You Have?

To procure, administer, analyse and report on Personality Type instrumentation, practitioners must meet educational criteria in terms of type accreditation and or formal academia.

Katherine possesses:-

  • ACER Education HR Certification
  • Myer Briggs Type Indicator Professional Accreditation 
  • DISC (IML)
  • Human Resource Qualifications

Please refer to the About Us page for further information about Katherine’s qualifications, accreditations, and certifications.

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instruments,there are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to before proceeding.

Personality Type Questions

Do you have a question regarding the Personality Type Instruments we administer and analyse?

Please call Katherine to discuss any questions you may have regarding Personality Type Instruments and or our Psychometric Profiling Services.

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