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Workplace Counselling: Yippee it’s Friday! – Addressing Job Dissatisfaction

Workplace Counselling Yippee it's Fiday - Addressing Job Dissatisfaction
How many times have you found yourself uttering these words? 


Perhaps you have found yourself counting the days to the end of the week or year. These cognitions (thoughts) are indeed a major sign of job dissatisfaction.  However, Blu Ripples main question to you is

Why are you dissatisfied in your work”?

Is it because you experiencing: –

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Communication difficulties
  • Organisational or departmental change
  • Lack of appreciation or development opportunities
  • Boredom; too much or not enough structure and routine
  • Unbalanced work life ratio
  • Lack of passion and/or motivational drive

Rest assured that it is OK to feel dissatisfied from time to time, everyone does, however it is when job dissatisfaction does not dissipate over time that you need to take a look at the cause and effect of your job dissatisfaction and subsequently develop appropriate coping strategies to address the same.

So before you decide to throw in the towel at work, why don’t you contact a neutral Counsellor at Blu Ripples to help you work through your job dissatisfaction; no doubt you will find it amazing how a neutral individual can help you bring clarity and direction to your professional life.

Blu Ripples – “Helping you through life’s ripples”®

Katherine Foster - Blu Ripples Founder; Professional Member CDAA, Member of ACA and Published Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (2010 Version)

Katherine Foster is the Founder of Blu Ripples, a Counselling practice in Sydney, NSW.

Initially commencing in 2003 as HR Aspects (Career Consulting Practice), Katherine rebranded her business to Blu Ripples in 2009 to incorporate Personal, Career and Workplace Counselling Services into her practice.

Katherine is a nationally registered Counsellor and a current Member of the Australian Counselling Association. 

Before commencing her private practice in 2003, Katherine predominantly worked in Human Resources and Administration.

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