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Psychometric Profiling (Testing) - Blu Ripples

Psychometric Profiling (Testing)

Our Psychometric Profiling Services can help you Discover your innate strengths, development areas, learning style preference, personality type and more... Providing you with valuable outcomes to make informed career and personal decisions

Our Psychometric Profiling (Assessment) Services are designed to provide meaningful career, recruitment, learning, personal insights and frames of reference to establish meaningful baselines and courses of action to assist you on your professional or personal journey

Psychometric Testing Accreditations and Supporting Qualifications

Accreditations in Personality Type and qualifications in Counselling and Human Resources enable us to purchase, administer and report on various psychometric instruments across multiple sectors.

Psychometric Instruments We Administer

Blu Ripples administers a range of Online, Paper-Based and Card-Based psychometric instruments sourced from reputable providers, including Educational Institutions, Educational Research Organisations and other  service providers.

The range we administer includes: – 

Aptitude Testing Blu Ripples 2


  • Applied Reading (Basic Literacy, General/Clerical and Technical/Trades) 
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Employment Entry Mathematics
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
All instruments in this category are Online
Card Sorts Blu Ripples

Card Sorts

All Instruments in this category are Cards 


Career Assessment Instruments 1

Career Assessment Instruments

  • Bureaucratic Orientation Test
  • Career Assessment Survey
  • Career Interest Test
  • Change Receptivity – (Dogmatism – Open/Closed Mindedness)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Job Satisfaction (Current Job)
  • Locus of Control
  • Management Communication
  • Power Orientation (Machiavellianism)
  • Values Assessment
  • Work Needs
All instruments in this category are Paper
Career Interest Testing 1

Career Interest Surveys

  • Ashland Interest Assessment
  • Jackson Career Explorer
  • Jackson Vocational Interest Survey
  • Self Directed Search

All instruments in this category are Online



Counselling and Mental Health

Counselling and Mental Health

  • Burnout Survey – Signs and Symptoms 
  • Compatibility 
  • Coping Scales for Adolescents (ACS-2) 
  • Coping Scales  for Adults (CSA-3)  
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS 21)  
  • Depression Signs and Symptoms Survey for Children 
  • Feelings Inventory 
  • Recent Stressful Events Survey–  Minors (3-18 Yrs) 

Instruments in this category are a combination of Paper, Card and Online

Learning Styles Blu Ripples

Learning Styles Preferences

  • Learning Styles
All instruments in this category are Paper 
Personality Type

Personality Type

All instruments in this category are Online


Recruitment and Selection Psychometrics

Recruitment and Selection

  • Employee Screening Questionnaire – Call Centre
  • Employee Screening Questionnaire 2
  • Workplace Personality Index (WPI) Select

All instruments in this category are Online

Can Blu Ripples Access Other Instrumentation?


Due to Katherine’s qualifications, accreditations and ACER Education specialist registration categories (HR 1, 2 and S5), Katherine has access to numerous instruments that may not be listed above; should you be interested in a particular instrument that is not listed, please contact Katherine to discuss your needs.

Benefits of Psychometric Profiling (Assessment)

When used correctly and ethically, psychometric instruments (assessments) can provide individuals and employers with a range of potential benefits including but not limited to:- 

Potential Benefits for Individuals 

Potentially benefits for you  include (but not limited to): – 

  • Assisting in identifying and establishing career interests, aptitude and skills baselines.
  • Highlighting key transferable skills in employment documentation.
  • Identifying learning and development areas and strategising how to capitalise on development opportunities. 
  • Put forward your case for a promotion or pay increase at your performance appraisal, as you can compare and contrast your skill improvements over the preceding year.

Potential Benefits for Employers

Potential benefits for employers include (but are not limited to) providing insights into: –

  • Candidate Selection and Evaluation 
  • Change Management
  • Develop internal or source external learning and development opportunities to close skills gaps 
  • Performance Management needs for individual employees, departments or company
  • Succession Planning or Leadership Development
  • Talent Diversification Needs 
  • Team Building
  • Training Needs Analysis within departments or across the organisation
Why Do You Call It Psychometric Profiling (Testing) and then later on Instrumentation?

We use the term Psychometric Profiling and Psychometric Testing for purely Google Search purposes to help individuals find our services based on common words they may use rather than industry terms.

Psychometric Instruments are not tests per se; that is, psychometric instruments will ask you to select your preferences using a set of cards or via paper or online scales, surveys, inventories, type instruments etc.

Your preference selection will determine the outcome of your instrumentation based on how you respond. There is no right or wrong. It is simply about your perception and preferences.

Psychometric Testing Administration, Ethics and Considerations

Psychometric Instruments are administered in accordance with ethical guidelines, industry codes of conduct and our duty of care to ensure that we do not act outside our area of expertise and minimise risks such as triggers and skewed outcomes.

Ethical guidelines are by no means used to discriminate or judge you; instead, they are in place to ensure we act professionally, fulfill our duty of care and ensure you achieve reliable outcomes.

Psychometric Instrument Questions

Do you have a question regarding: – 

  • The type of psychometric instruments we administer and report on
  • Which instrument(s) best suit your individual or organisational needs
  • Psychometric processes, timeframes or costing
  • Administration and Ethics considerations

Please call to discuss any questions you may have regarding  our Psychometric Profiling Services.

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