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Katherine Foster - Blu Ripples Founder; Professional Member CDAA, Member of ACA

Katherine Foster

Career Development Specialist, Counsellor and Author

Katherine Foster is a nationally registered Career Development Specialist (CDAA), Counsellor (ACA), and Published Author who, as a result of confronting and transitioning through many of life’s ripples, is committed to supporting clients through similar periods, helping clients explore options, self-concept, the impact of their life experiences and how those experiences may be consciously or subconsciously be impacting how they communicate and interact with the world around them and therefore directly and or indirectly impacting their careers.

Commencing her practice in 2003 as HR Aspect (Career Consultancy Service) and drawing on her Human Resource and Administration background, Katherine offered a range of Career Consulting and Business (HR) Consultancy Services to individuals and small businesses.

In 2009, Katherine rebranded her business to Blu Ripples. She incorporated the provision of Personal and Professional Counselling Services to minors (aged 4+ years), teenagers, youth, adults and organisations, including providing Workplace Counselling to organisations directly and for a while as a subcontractor with a multinational EAP service provider.

Upon graduating from RMIT in 2016, Katherine streamlined her business to a specialist Career Counselling and Consulting practice. Katherine now predominantly works with High School Students (Aged 15+ Years), Youth, Adults and Organisations.

Higher Tertiary Educators have praised her ability to apply practical experience to theoretical and innovative concepts and her research, analysis and reporting skills whilst maintaining a humble persona.

Clients and mentors describe Katherine as an inspiring, down-to-earth, knowledgeable and empathetic facilitator who listens, connects, extends oneself, and walks beside her clients whilst they are on their career journey with her. The fact that Katherine works from home, on acreage, with a peaceful outlook also appeals to many seeking privacy and respite from the world around them.

Key Education

Learn more about my education in order to build trust in my professional career counselling and consulting services
Career Education and Development
Post Graduate Diploma
RMIT, Australia
Career Education and Development
Post Graduate Certificate
RMIT, Australia
Professional Counselling (Majors Career Workplace, Grief and Loss, Abuse)
AIPC, Australia
Business (Human Resources)
Diploma (with Distinction)
TAFE, NSW, Australia
Human Resources
Certificate IV
TAFE, NSW, Australia

Achievements and Engagement

Learn more about my achievements and giving back to industry and community

Self-Care Book and Card Set, published by Intertype Publishing & Printing (2023)

Interviewed by ABC Radio Hobart for self-published blog article “Should I Apply For Jobs Now or Wait Until the Coronavirus Runs its Course” (2020)

Participant at Co-Design National Skills Commission Workshop, Sydney (2019)

Received International Honour Society membership for academic achievement in Career Education and Development (2016)

Graduated in the top 15% of Post Graduate Studies with RMIT (2016)

Coaching and Counselling Through Challenging Transition, Co-host – CDAA Webinar (2016)

CDAA (NSW) Committee Member, Volunteer (2015 – 2017)

Newcastle Lake Macquarie Career Expo, Peer Group Member (2015)

Delivered Emotional Well-Being Program for renowned national NPO, Sydney (2013)

Reinvent Your Career Expo, Sydney (2012 & 2014) – Volunteer at CDAA Stand

Accreditations & Certifications

Learn more about my accreditations and certifications that support and enhance my professional background

Mental Health First Aider Accreditation (to be updated)

Provide First Aid Inc. CPR and Basic Emergency Life Support

Trauma and Eye Movement (Including EMDR) Integration Therapy

Recognise and Respond Appropriately to Domestic and Family Violence, SOA

DV-Alert (Domestic Violence Response Training), Lifeline, Certification

DISC (IML) – Accredited Practitioner

Specialist Accreditation HR 1 & 2; S5 – Psychometric Profiling – ACER Education

Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Professional Accreditation Program – Accredited Practitioner

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