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Blu Ripples Selection Criteria Writing Services

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Together, we will effectively express and demonstrate your professional competencies, knowledge and experiences in written format.

Our Selection Criteria Writing Services are designed to help you clearly and concisely communicate your professional statement of claim by demonstrating how you meet the employer’s essential and desirable criteria.

Working 1-on-1, we will explore your professional and academic history to identify and clearly articulate meaningful examples of how you meet each criterion using the STAR Method.

In short, we will help you tell your story about a particular job incident, event or function that proves to the reader that you can demonstrate how you meet their job placement or key capabilities framework criteria. 

Need help to provide an example?

In that case, we can explore alternatives and how you plan to address the fact that you currently do not meet this criterion by highlighting your intended actions and timeframes to ensure you achieve the stated standards

How Can Blu Ripples Selection Critiera Writing Services Help Me?

We can help you:-

  • Write your entire Selection Criteria document.
  • Prepare your Key Capability Responses document.
  • Critique your responses or the entire Selection Criteria  document that you have prepared.
Benefits of Blu Ripples Preparing Your Selection Criteria 

Some potential benefits of Blu Ripples preparing your Selection Criteria include: –

Our Selection Criteria Writing Services Consultation Process 

Our Selection Criteria consultation process is designed to gain an in-depth understanding of you to clearly identify and prepare your selection criteria responses, known as your professional statements of claim.

Working closely with us in your one-on-one consultation, we will: –

At your one-on-one Selection Criteria Consultation, we will: – 

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of your professional background and goals
  • Discuss how you perceive that you meet each criterion
  • Help you identify relevant and meaningful demonstratable examples
  • Talk about your concerns (if any) about how you do not meet one or more criterion 
  • Formulate strategy(ies) to address your concerns 
  • Respond to any queries you may have regarding the selection criteria within our capabilities

The length of your Selection Criteria  Consultation  will depend on the depth, breadth and complexity of your background, the role and grade, type and complexity of the selection criteria contained within the employment application package. 

As a general rule of thumb, for a standard criteria with 8 straight forward criterion e.g. must demonstrate good communication skills; you may expect to spend up to 2 to 2.5 hours in consultation; however additional criterion and/or complex criterion with one or more sub-points may require additional time to address both in terms of the consultation period and the preparation period thereafter; we will be able to give you a better indication of time and fees based on your circumstances at your initial point of enquiry.

Following your Selection Criteria Consultation, we will  revise, consider and collate your criterion responses and prepare a logical, systematic and factual electronic document that clearly demonstrates your capabilities to perform the role.   

Content and Length of Your Selection Criteria

The content and length of your Selection Criteria will vary as our Selection Criteria Writing Services are customised to your individual needs and background and the prospective employers criterion and target level requirements.

As a general rule of thumb, an average Selection Criteria response may range from: – 

  • 250 to 350 words per response; noting some responses maybe shorter or longer depending on the nature of each criterion and your answers.
  • 3 to 5 pages for an average criteria with 8 standard points (and no sub-points)

As detailed in our Agreement for Career Consulting Services.

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