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Career Values and Motivated Skills

Knowdell Card Sorts

Industry-renowned, the visual and textual card sorts will help you identify and categorise career values and motivational factors.

The Knowdell Card Sorts we administer and report on are the following: –

  • Career Values; and 
  • Motivational Skills

The textual-based cards are designed to help you contemplate and sort: – 

  • How motivated you are to use a range of skills
  • Your core career values 

Each instrument has its own purpose and benefits in helping you explore career options and pathways, for example, helping you identify your skills preferences, competencies (based on your self-perception) and developmental areas, from which you can match your values and skills to that of a potential employer by creating your own selection criteria and assessing whether or not the advertised position and company is a good fit for you. 

What Are Career Values and Why Are They Important?

A value is a core meaningful standard or principle that you have an unwavering stance on, for example, ethics, loyalty and honesty.

When considering a career or a position, it is vital to understand your career values to align yourself with like-minded employers, organisations and roles, thereby maximising your occupational satisfaction levels.

Knowdell Career Values Deck…Tell Me More

The Knowdell Career Values Deck we administer has 54 cards, made up of 49 descriptive cards and 5 categorisation cards.

The categorisation cards are: – 

  • Always Valued
  • Often Valued
  • Sometimes Valued
  • Seldom Valued and 
  • Never Valued

Utilising the 49 remaining descriptive cards with descriptive titles such as Tradition, Working on The Frontiers of Knowledge, Supervision and Creative Expression, you will contemplate each card and place each one into one of the 5 categories (outlined above).

Upon completing the instrumentation, we can have a career discussion based on your responses, reported values, theme patterns, needs and wants. After that, you will gain a deeper insight into your career values and be better positioned to make informed career decisions based on your outcomes.

What Are Motivated Skills, And How Can They Benefit Me?

Motivated Skills are qualities, actions or behaviours that drive you to produce outcomes or to achieve goals.

In a career or workplace context, a Motivated Skill may encourage you to accept a position because the position meets your criterion or drives positive workplace behaviours and performance by understanding your preferences, competencies and development areas and communicating these with your current or potential employer who in turn may potentially tailor a project or role to your strengths or utilise the information to provide developmental opportunities for example as part of a Learning and Development or Succession Plan.

Knowdell Motivated Skills Deck – Tell Me More… 

The Knowdell Career Values Deck we administer has 56 cards comprising 48 descriptive cards and 8 categorisation cards.

The Categorisation cards are: – 

  • Total Delight In Using
  • Enjoy Using Very Much
  • Like Using
  • Prefer Not To Use
  • Strongly Dislike Using

The deck includes motivational skills such as managing time, observing, synthesising, delegating, using mechanical ability, and visualising.

Secondly the deck contains 3 proficiency cards. The proficiency cards are designed to assist you in contemplating and determining your perceived level of competencies and include the following three categories: – 

  • Highly Proficient
  • Competent
  • Little or No Skill

The Motivated Skills deck allows you to look at your history to date, to contemplate and categorise each Motivated Skill into one of five categories to highlight the depth of your enthusiasm to use each of the skills, and then secondly to assess your proficiency based on your self-perceptions (insights).

Upon completing this instrument, we can sit down and have a career discussion based on your responses, reported motivational skills preferences, theme patterns, development strategies, and essential and desirable criteria to maximise your performance and career satisfaction.

How Do I access the Knowdell Card Sorts?

You have the option to select to access and use the Knowdell Career Values or Motivated Skills Card Sorts in either a 1 on 1 Career Counselling Session, or through our he Career Development Report  process.

Ethical Guidelines and Considerations

As outlined in our Psychometric Testing Services page, see ethical considerations – administration of psychometric instruments, there are considerations and codes of conduct that must be adhered to before proceeding.

Knowdell Card Sort Questions

Do you have a question regarding the Knowdell Card Sorters?

Please contact Katherine to discuss any questions you may have regarding  Career Values and Motivated Skills Card Sort instruments.

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